Great Gift Idea for Dogs Who are Hard to Shop For or Hard on Their Toys

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Varsity Ball Junior

Many dogs are hard to buy for because they already have just about every toy out there thanks to loving parents, grandparents and friends. Other dogs are just plain hard on their toys, making it difficult to find something worth spending money on.

We’ve got a great dog toy recommendation that solves both of these pet gift dilemmas. It’s Varsity Ball, the unbreakable dog toy. It’s 110% guaranteed indestructible. Thousands have been sold with zero busted, but if yours is the first to break, they will replace it for free plus refund you 10% of your purchase price.

Unbreakable Dog Toy Varsity Ball Daisy

Varsity Ball is used by many rescue groups and even with zoo animals, to help encourage play and prevent boredom. It’s also been tested by Daisy and her pal Fin for fun and excitement. It totally wore them out…and you know what they say: “a tired dog is a good dog!”

It’s perfect at the park or in the backyard, in the snow or sand, and is great for solo play, too. If your dog loves to herd or run, they will love trying to tackle and chase the Varsity Ball. And, this toy comes in 2 sizes for small or large dogs.

Varsity Ball Unbreakable Dog Toy

If you’re sick of spending time and money replacing dog toys that break or get destroyed as soon as you get them home, or just want a super exciting new toy for your dog, be sure to check out the ultra tough Varsity Ball over at VarsityPets.

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