11 Rainy Day Activity Ideas for Pet-Loving Kids

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Rainy Day Crafts Kids

Summer is a super FUN time of year for kids, but rainy days can have everyone stuck indoors and looking for something to do. We’ve put together a new list with lots of rainy day activity ideas for pet-loving kids. Some involve a little supervision, or some planning ahead, so take a look and pin this list for later so you’ll always be prepared to help your kids entertain themselves on the next rainy day!

Printable PAW Patrol Dance Game

PAW Patrol Pup Pup Boogie Dance Game: Nothing beats the rainy day blues like an indoor dance party! Use this free printable from PAW Patrol and get your tails wagging! Get the Free Printable Game Template and Instructions here.


DIY dog house

Kid’s DIY Cardboard Box Dog House: Every dog should have a super fun indoor dog house, and it’s easy to make one. Help your kids with this tutorial for parents on how to make an indoor dog house from cardboard boxes.

DIY Catnip Toy Kids Craft

Make DIY Catnip Toys for Cats:  Check out this simple and fun kid’s activity to make some sock fish catnip toys for your cat and all their neighborhood pals, too. It’s a great way to use some of those solo socks that are missing their partner!

How To Draw Dog for Kids

Draw a Portrait of your Dog or Cat: Search youtube for loads of helpful instructional videos on how to draw pets, like this one.  Also visit Crayola for a free printable How to Draw Dogs Coloring Page for Kids.

pet scrapbook

Make a Pet Scrapbook or Story Book: Give your kids some of the many pet photos I’m sure you have and let them create a scrap book with their own captions and memories. Or let the kiddos search through magazines and cut out cute pet photos to create a story book of their own. They can put their pet drawing skills to good use, too!  Here’s a good How-To Pet Scrapbook if you want to get fancy.

Dog Tricks Kids Book

Teach your dog a new dog trick: I found this great book: 101 Dog Tricks Kids Edition. It’s filled with super fun and easy activities, games and crafts for kids and their dogs. You can order the paperback ahead of time and have it on hand for rainy days, or just download the Kindle edition (currently $2.99) anytime the mood strikes you!

Bacon Bites dog treat recipe

Make Homemade Dog Treats: Use this super easy idea for a no-bake option kids can do on their own with leftover plain rice, or get lots more ideas for easy pet treats from Martha Stewart. Also check out this Cool Pet Treats Cookbook for Kids (and get the full recipe instructions for the Bacon Bites Dog Treats shown above.

Indoor ChuckIt Dog Toy

Play Fetch (safely) Indoors: This is one of my favorite things and you can see Daisy with her indoor ChuckIt here.  We use this all the time, when it’s too rainy or too hot to play outside, or when we don’t have enough time to go to the dog park. Get a ChuckIt for Indoor Use here.

Dog Books for Kids

Read Some Dog Books:  Daisy & I love reading dog books and we’ve put together this BIG List of Dog Books that kids can read to themselves or out loud to their dog. Reading to pets is a great way for kids to build confidence without the pressure of reading to adults. Take a trip to the library and check some out!

DIY dog toy

Make DIY Dog Tug Toys: You’ve probably seen this one on Pinterest. My niece made one for Daisy long ago and it’s still going strong. You can use old t-shirts or leftover fabric strips from another project. Here’s the info on how to make them, but remember that playing tug with a dog should be a supervised activity and is only appropriate for dogs who are well trained and show no signs of toy aggression.

Rainy Day Play with Dogs

Go Play in the Rain! As long as whoever is in charge says it’s OK, the perfect way to have fun on a rainy day is to go outside and play with the dog! Just make sure that you have a safe, fenced in area and that there are no signs of lightning. It’s a good idea to have some rain boots and waterproof jackets for the kiddos, and something ready by the door or mud room, to dry off the dog. We always have our Soggy Doggy Super Shammy and Door Mat in place so no wet paws or feet make it past the door!

We hope that you and your kiddos have plenty of sunny days this summer, but don’t forget to share, bookmark and pin this list of activities and ideas for rainy days. And leave us a comment with any other tips on how to spend a rainy day with pets and kids!

Rainy Day Ideas for Kids with Pets

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