S’mores Anyone? The Great Outdoors June BarkBox Review + Coupon Code

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summer barkbox

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June BarkBox

Our June BarkBox has arrived and it’s another super CUTE and creative theme. This month’s BarkBox is all about “The Great Outdoors” and has lots of treats and amazing toys (exclusively designed for BarkBox).

Daisy’s BarkBox included 2 toys and 3 treats this month…take a look (keep in mind that each box is customized for the recipient dog’s size and allergies):

Daisy June BarkBox

What’s a camping trip without some S’mores??? Of course, dogs can’t have real s’mores because of the chocolate, but this one is a giant squeaker toy made especially for dogs and no campfire required! It’s loads of fun and is seriously about as big as Daisy’s head!

And because any good scout knows to always be prepared, the other toy is a Swiss Arrrfy Knife! It’s the perfect multi-tool for your dog to fetch, chew and squeak. It’s stuffing-free and designed for heavy chewers.

BarkBox June Great Outdoors

The treats included one full-sized bag of Apple Crisp dog treats, made by the folks at Dogs Love Kale and a full-sized bag of Honest Love’s Pupstream treats. Both of these are made in the USA and contain tasty, wholesome ingredients.

The Apple Crisp treats are made with rice flour, kale, whole oats, flax, and apples. That’s it. That’s the entire ingredients list. No weird fillers, no gross preservatives, just nutrient-dense goodness.

The Pupstream treats are super cute theme-wise and the first ingredient is salmon, sustainably-sourced and famously-rich in those awesome Omega-3 fatty acids (for glossy coats and overall health). That’s blended with wholesome chickpeas, potatoes, tapioca, flax seed, and apples.

The BarkBox also included a large Pig Ear Chew, sourced and made in the USA. Pig’s ears are perfect for dogs that love bacon, but they are chewier than bacon making them more long-lasting and fun to eat! While some dogs may eat the whole thing, I prefer to let Daisy gnaw on it for only a few minutes and then pop it in the fridge or freezer for later…everything in moderation is definitely the rule around here when it comes to treats for Daisy.

Total BarkBox Value + BarkShop Coupon

Wondering how the cost of a BarkBox subscription compares with buying the toys and treats separately?

Here’s the total value of the June BarkBox:

Large S’mores Squeaker Toy $12
Large Pocket Knife Squeaker Toy $14
Dogs Love Kale Apple Crisp Treats $9
Honest Love Pupstream Dog Treats $6
Sawmill Creek Pig Ear Dog Chew $3

Total Retail Value: $44
Originality and Fun Value: priceless!!!


BarkBox subscription rates start as low as $20/month…so you can see what a GREAT value this is compared with ordering all the items individually. And I can’t really put a price on how excited Daisy gets each month when her box arrives. Her daddy and I just love the surprises each month. BarkBox always sends us items we would never have thought to look for. Many of the toys and treats are designed and produced exclusively for BarkBox and you can only get them with a BarkBox subscription.

BarkBox Coupon Code

If you’d like to try a BarkBox for your dog, head on over to BarkBox.com and use coupon code: WOOFWOOFMAMA to get a FREE extra month added to any plan. Choose the 1, 3, 6 or 12-month plan…the longer plans are a better value but the coupon code works for all plans.

FREE Shipping is included with all BarkBox plans, but add $5 for shipping outside the contiguous 48 states. Visit BarkBox to customize your dog’s plan or learn more!

Satisfaction Guarantee: If your pup doesn’t like at a treat or toy you’ve received, if it’s faulty or completely the wrong size for your dog, BarkBox will replace it for free. Just email and they will help make sure your dog is 100% happy! In over 4 years of getting BarkBox, we’ve only ever had 1 time we needed to contact their customer service with a problem and were SO impressed with the fast and personal assistance we received.

Visit our Mystery Box page to see more photos and reviews of BarkBox subscription service for Dogs!


  1. My dog loved the salmon treats!  She didn’t get the s’mores toy but instead got a bear toy.  I was not impressed with the pocket knife toy, because my dog is NOT a heavy chewer, but she destroyed it within a day.  The bear toy is still in perfect condition, as are the toys from last month’s box (her first box ever!).

    • Hi Lilly! Did you know that BarkBox will replace a toy if your dog doesn’t like it or if you feel it didn’t hold up as well as it should have? They really want you to be happy, so be sure to email them at happy@barkbox.com and let them know you weren’t happy with the pocket knife. Be sure to let us know how it goes!

  2. Charles Paraboschi says

    Hi there! I’m searching everywhere for the S’more toy (3 years later) and can’t find it. I noticed you were able to price it out in this article. Would you be able to indicate where you found the pricing / listing??

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi! The individual prices are all from BarkShop.com but since each item is a limited-edition, I stopped including the links to each toy since they were unavailable so quickly after I would publish. That giant S’mores dog toy really was a great item!

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