Dogs And Their People: New Book Release + Giveaway!

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There’s a new dog book being released today and it’s sure to make the top of the wish list for all the dog lovers you know, because it’s not just any dog book. It’s THE #BarkBook from the humans over at BarkPost! They’re the same creative, dog-crazy folks who bring us BarkBox so you KNOW it’s going to be humorous, cute, quirky and an all-around good time.

Daisy, Woof Woof Papa and I were super excited to receive an advance copy, and we’ve been howling with laughter, and more than a little bit in awe, over the amazing photos and stories. We’ve gotten our paws on more than a few dog-related books in our day, but Dogs and Their People might just be the most perfect dog book yet!

Dogs and Their People spotlights over 200 unique and remarkable dogs. Some are celebrity dogs while others are just making their debut. All bring to life and celebrate the crazy, consuming, insatiable love we feel for the World’s Ultimate Best Friend in a book that is sure to win the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.

Available in hardcover starting today, at (currently $14.70), (currently $16.51), and your favorite local bookseller. Get a copy for yourself, and be sure to snag one for each and every dog lover on your holiday gift list!


Book Giveaway for Dogs and Their People: 10 WINNERS

Thanks to the publisher, we’re giving away 10 copies of Dogs and Their People! Enter to win using the Rafflecopter contest widget below. Giveaway is open to US residents age 18+ and ends at 11:59pm ET on 10/24/16. Good luck everybody!

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  1. Rachel Monn says

    omg i want this book so badly!! i am definitely the biggest dog lover! i am obsessed with my own dog but i always have one or 2 of the neighbors dog over as well!

  2. Jackie Preas says

    This looks like a really good book!Beauregard thinks so too 🙂

  3. The video that Bark & Co. released about this book is DEFINITELY my wife and I. Our dogs are our kids. They go on road trips with us, they get birthday cakes, they both sleep on our bed and take up soooooo much room, but they are awesome so they deserve it. We have taken our boys on two trips to the coast just for their birthday. (That’s over a ten hour drive for us, but it was worth it to see their excited faces!)

  4. qwerty (@QtotheWERTY) says

    It’s all about the dogs, all the time. If you have a dog I’m going to pet it (with permission).

  5. Sandy Weinstein says

    i love dogs, all dogs, if i could i would have 1 of every breed and lots of rescues. my 3 girls are my very bff’s. i do everything i can for them. they get the best healthcare, food, treats, environment i can provide. my friends tell me they want to come back in life as one of my dogs. i would keep the book for myself, since i love reading abt dogs. i have a big collection of dog books, some that i reread.

  6. Looks like a fun and heartwarming book 🙂 I’d love this book for myself. I am a huge dog lover with 9 small rescue dogs. It’s like the quote says -” I work hard so my dogs can have a good life.” 🙂 It’s all about the dogs!

  7. Linda Szymoniak says

    I’m an animal rescuer. I even had my own dog rescue for about a year and a half (pulled 36 dogs from high-kill shelters, including Gary, and found loving homes for them – would love to reopen my rescue some day but need more people to help and money). I do have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds of my own (down from five after losing my deaf hound girl, Ran, 1-1/2 years ago to an autoimmune disorder and my senior girl, Suki, exactly one year later). The three I still have came from high-kill shelters in NC and SC and each have their own story. Most of all, I love them with all my heart and soul, and they love me back just as much. Dogs rock.

  8. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I think I'[m the world’s biggest dog lover because I want to save all of them. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way. I want this for me!

  9. I love dogs so much and could be in the process of adding another one to my family!!

  10. Christine Aiello says

    I think I am the biggest dog lover because I literally stop and visit every dog I see when I am out. I also wish I could rescue every dog that is homeless. If I could afford a house with a ton of property I would rescue every dog and have them live with me on the property. I love dogs! Every breed there is! If I win this book I would gift it to my friend that is also a huge dog lover!

  11. I would love to keep this for myself BUT I may think of either donating to the rescue I do volunteer photography for (for our auction) or give to my dad, a retired veterinarian. This looks sooooo good!!!

  12. Jamie Martin says

    This is for me! Who you kidding?

  13. I am the world’s biggest dog lover because I work at a humongous animal hospital and I spoil my little cocker spaniel!

  14. I would totally gift this to myself, because it sounds like such a great book! MAYBE I’ll let some of my dog-loving friends borrow it once I’m done 🙂

  15. Maximus and Orion rule the world (in our opinion). They are seriously spoiled and live the good life. I post so many dog pics on Instagram that I’ve thought about just turning it over to them and they have their own dog page. They go everywhere with us, run with us, vacation with us and see the world with us and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  16. I work at a vet’s office, and it would be great to have this for the waiting room.

  17. After I have read the book, I will give it to the lady who runs the rescue where I got my dog. We are all big dog lovers (obviously) or we wouldn’t be volunteering for this rescue!

  18. Daniel Scott says

    I will give this to my wife as she is a top dog lover. She is president of a local rescue group too.

  19. Thank you!

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