Tired of Adulting? No Prob-LLAMA! Instant Happy Notes + More Fun Stuff to Beat the Winter Blues

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Being a grownup got you down? You’re never too old for a new lunchbox or a great set of colored pencils! In fact, when I spotted this Llama Lunchbox, I knew it would be perfect for holding all of my coloring and drawing supplies. It got me inspired, and since I figure I’m not alone in needing a little pick-me-up to help cure the winter blues, I put together a little list of fun and random stuff to make you smile.

Feeling happy can start with making other people smile, too! This book of 101 Instant Sticky Happy Notes can be used in your kiddos lunchbox, your spouses laptop bag, your co-workers cubicle or anywhere you and yours need a mini message of happiness. I got these in my January PopSugar Must Have Box and have been sticking them all over the place!

Winter is cold and flu season and that means lots of hand-washing to keep the germs away! Add some cuteness to your bathroom or kitchen counter with this adorable Bunny Ring Holder. It’s got a padded base and comes in other animal shapes and colors, too.

Feel like hybernating or catching an extra cat nap? This Cat Eye Sleep Mask is both fun AND functional. It’s purr-fect for helping you get more zzz’s and has gel inserts that can be chilled or warmed for added relaxation and rejuvenation anytime.

A day without wine is like a day without sunshine. And who couldn’t use a little extra sunshine this time of year?!? This set of Magnetic Dog Wine Glass Charms is the perfect accessory when you’re sipping a glass of red while watching the new season of Scandal (#TGIT everybody!), at your next book club gathering, or anytime you need a girl’s (or boy’s) night in.

Now that you’ve got dogs on your wine, you’ll want dogs on your feet! This 5-Pack of Cute Dog Socks is sure to brighten up your day or night and warm your tootsies too.

One cure for the winter blues is to create an indoor garden. This adorable Elephant Succulent Plant Holder and Flower Pot will add some greenery and cheer to your office or home. Also comes in several dog breed and other animal designs.

Already got enough potted plants? Add some tropical flare with these Pink Flamingo Mini Lawn Ornaments. Stick them in a large potted floor plant and you’ll feel bright and sunny! I have this set and they are too big for small table top plants but perfect for medium and large pots…or stick them in the snow in your front yard for fun and make the neighbors laugh!

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