BarkBox Super Chewer Review June 2017 Chewrassic Bark Edition

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If your dog needs an extra challenge or if their dog toys never seem to last, then you’ll want to know about a BarkBox service that’s designed especially for them. It’s BarkBox Super Chewer, the monthly subscription box for dogs with the longest lasting chews and the most durable dog toys around. It’s NOT just for big dogs either…each membership is customized for your dog’s size and allergies, too.

Just as with the standard BarkBox subscription, the Super Chewer BarkBox has a different theme each month, with a creative selection of dog toys, treats and surprises. This month’s theme is straight out of Chewrassic Bark, and packed full with 2 heavy-duty dog toys plus 4 different dog treats. A GREAT deal considering box prices start at $29/month with FREE US shipping!

Here’s what was in the June Super Chewer BarkBox, along with retail value of each item if purchased separately:

BarkBox Super Chewer Dog Toys

  • PetProjekt DogEgg ($14 retail value) This fun toy is made of non-toxic rubber and is designed for heavy chewers. It wobbles. It bounces. It makes noise. It delights dogs of all kinds with its strong build and loud squeak.
  • Nylon T-Rex Bone ($14 retail value) It’s 7″ long and super heavy. It’s also got a smoky bacon scent and flavor!
BarkBox Super Chewer Dog Treats and Chews

  • Dinosaur Meat, Basically ($8 retail value) Sweet potato and chicken dog treats. Made in the USA and wheat/gluten-free.
  • Lava Biscuits ($6 retail value) Hearty oats, scrumptious pork, with sweet apples and honey. A little bit of charcoal to make them black like real lava chunks!

  • Plato Pet Treats Thinkers Duck Stick Dog Treat ($3 retail value) Named Thinkers because they’re made with real duck meat and  gingko biloba, to help boost brain power. Packed full of DHA and Omega-3 fatty acid known for its cognitive benefits, this stick is true brain food…and super tasty, too!
  • Pork Roll Chew for Dogs ($4 retail value) 6″ of 100% pork made in the USA by Sawmill Creek Smokehouse. It’s a super satisfying and long-lasting dog chew.

Super Chewer BarkBox Cost and Value

As I mentioned earlier, the BarkBox Super Chewer subscription prices start at $29/month. A great value considering that the total retail value of items in this box is $49. It will vary from month to month but we’ve always been pleased. In addition to the quality and originality of the BarkBox toys and treats, we love the surprise of a new theme each month.

SuperChewer BarkBox Subscription Prices are as follows:

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