Super Chewer BarkBox for Toy Destroyers

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Got a dog that’s a toy destroyer? You’re not alone. One of the most common complaints I hear from pet parents is that they are tired of spending money on toys that don’t last and wimpy treats that don’t satisfy. The folks over at BarkBox also heard you and have created a special Super Chewer edition for dogs who chew harder and demand a challenge.

Just like with the Classic BarkBox, the Super Chewer edition is a monthly dog subscription box with toys, treats and goodies for your dog. And, since extreme chewers come in all sizes, the subscription can be customized for your dog’s size in your choice of small, medium or large. Each month, your dog’s Super Chewer BarkBox contains heavy duty chews, all-natural treats, and challenging, strong toys that you can’t find together anywhere else. The extra durable toys are made for world-chompians like your pup!


If you want to learn more about Super Chewer and see what was in the most recent box, then keep reading!

Each month’s BarkBox is designed around a different theme, and the October theme was perfect for Halloween. A mix of tricks and treats especially for pups with superior shredding skills. Here’s a look at the October Super Chewer BarkBox which contained 4 full-size dog treats and 2 extra durable dog toys:

Super Chewer BarkBox Dog Toys

Un-Squashable Pumpkin Dog Toy ($14 retail value) This super tough toy is made of ballistic nylon and durable rubber, making it a bouncy fetch toy and a mighty tug toy. Most of the toys in the Super Chewer boxes are this tough rubber type which we love, because Daisy is an obsessive chewer and it’s great not to have to worry about her swallowing stuffing or the pieces that can break off from less durable dog toys.

Barkzooka Bubblegum Dog Toy ($12 retail value) It won’t stick to fur, but with the hidden spiky ball core (bonus toy!) that keeps playtime going, you will be stuck with the toy for oodles of time. Many of the BarkBox toys for destroyers are 2 toys in one, meaning that if/when your dog rips the outside off, there is a bonus ball or other shape toy inside to keep the fun going.

Every Super Chewer toy also come with a guarantee so that if your dog destroys it or just plain doesn’t like it, you can let BarkBox know and they will replace it for free.

Super Chewer BarkBox Dog Treats and Chews

As I mentioned, there were 4 treats in the October Super Chewer BarkBox; a mix of crunchy and chewy in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Simply Ghoulicious Dog Treats ($8 retail value) What would Fall be without pumpkin treats? The Simply Ghoulicious morsels are made in the USA with all natural ingredients for your pup to celebrate autumn in spooky style.

Zombie Crunch Dog Treats ($8 retail value) These are super crunchy pork strips. So crunchy and tough in fact, that I could hear Daisy eating one from the other room. I like the size of these strips, since I usually restrict the amount of meat treats she gets. They’re perfectly portioned and all-natural.

Etta Says! Crunchy Duck Stick ($4 retail value) This one is a Daisy FAVORITE…it’s really the only repeat we’ve ever gotten in all the years of getting BarkBox and we wouldn’t complain if we got one every time! I break off smaller pieces of this from time to time rather than give her the whole thing at once.

Happy Howies Lamb Burger Chew ($3 retail value) Fresh made in the USA from real, slow-cooked lamb.

Don’t let that sweet face fool you. Daisy is QUITE the toy destroyer, so we find the BarkBox Super Chewer edition to be a great value. Not only are the toys fun and challenging, but they are also built to last. And we love the extra chews that come with this subscription version (more than the Classic BarkBox usually has).

This box’s items had a total retail value of $49 which is a bargain when you consider that a subscription starts as low as $29/month. Plus, we love that we get toys and treats we wouldn’t find elsewhere. And you can’t beat the BarkBox satisfaction guarantee.

Get Your First Super Chewer BarkBox of Toys & Treats for $5!

USE THIS LINK to order a 6-month or 12-month plan and get your first box for $5!  Free shipping is included on US orders and you can customize the order for your dog’s size (small, medium or large).

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  1. Keith & Lisa Waido says:

    Sure would like to exchange Gunner’s classic bark box for the Super chewer box. Any way this is possible? If price difference, please let us know.

    He can’t keep his toys any longer than a day, unless they’re indestructable!! LOL…….

    • Hi Keith & Lisa! You can definitely switch Gunner’s BarkBox subscription. Just contact BarkBox through their website using the live chat feature (click at the top of their page) or by emailing them ( and let them know the email address you used to set up the subscription. They can explain how the price difference works and the difference between the Heavy Chewer upgrade to the classic box vs changing to the Super Chewer box.

  2. I’ve tried to sign up for the Super Chewer deal about 7 times using the link!! Each time I finish with PayPal I hit a dead end. Sooooooo frustrating Hoping I don’t end up with multiple orders – or scammed! Argghhhh.

    • Hi Tina! I just checked on the BarkBox website and they have live chat agents available right now to assist you so look at the top of their page and click “Chat” to talk to them about the technical troubles you’re having. You can also check your PayPal account and see if any of the transactions have gone through. If there are duplicates, BarkBox will help you get this sorted out. Their people are super friendly and fast with the help!

  3. Diesel my 100lb pitbull gets so excited when he hears the mail lady blow the horn bc he knows it’s time for his Bark Box.He enjoys most all his toys n treats n if destroys one they replace it free.I spent more monet trying to find things he can’t destroy but now he gets them brought to our door n usually he dosent destroy them.Thanks Bark Box!!!

  4. Beth Murphy says:

    I️ would like to switch my bark box to the super chewers box if possible..

    • Hi Beth! You should contact the folks at BarkBox and they will be happy to help you. Either live chat them from their website (look at the top of and click chat) or email them at Let me know if you need help reaching them.

  5. Is it possible to get all toys and no treats? If not, are all treats made in the USA?

    • Hi Lisa! If you want all toys, visit and check out their Super Chewer section where you can buy toys from recent boxes individually. Be sure to use coupon code WOOFWOOFMAMA for an extra free treat added to your order. Also, the majority of BarkBox treats are made in the USA with a few special ones made in Canada, Australia or New Zealand (for example, grass fed organic lamb from New Zealand). Never treats made in China if that’s your concern.

  6. Is it possible to change my current subscription to the Super Chewer?

  7. I have three dogs.  two are super tough on their toys and have shredded most of the toys in the original box.  The Fall Ova was a favorite as well as milk jug.  My husband passed away and I had to cut down on expenses and you were very kind to send me out two free boxes, thank you so much.  My question is, I have a small 5lb dog who is just learning how to play with toys.  Then I have two destroyers a Chesapeake and a labradoodle.  If I was to order again in the future how do I get toys that would work for all three?

    • So sorry to hear about your husband, Daisy sends kisses to you and your fur kids! I think that when you decide to order again in the future, you might get one Super Chewer for Large Dogs and one Classic for Medium Dogs and see how that works. BarkBox will let you change if want at any time. You can also message them on Facebook or through their website and ask for more advice on customizing your order!

  8. Laurie Griffin says:

    Can I just buy the Bark Bubble

    • Yes, you can buy the toys individually at Just make sure to use the coupon code WOOFWOOFMAMA so you get a free extra treat added to your order!

  9. Can I change Hoyt’s subscription?

  10. Carole johnson says:

    Trying to order bark box for tough chewer and it is asking for a code? Where do I get this code.

    • Hi Carole! You shouldn’t need a code to order the Super Chewer edition but if you are having trouble, try contacting BarkBox via their live chat on their website or via Facebook Messenger.

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