7 Wall Mounted Cat Scratchers & Perches for Your Kitty’s Health & Happiness

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Cat furniture and scratching posts have lots of benefits: satisfying kitty’s urge to scratch without damaging furniture, reducing anxiety, improving behavior, and just generally pleasing their feline sensibilities. The downside is that they can also take up a lot of floor space often don’t fit your home decor or lifestyle.

The good news is that since cats are royal creatures, they LOVE looking down on us mere common folk. They also love climbing, jumping, and hiding, when the mood strikes. That’s why wall-mounted cat furniture and accessories make the purrfect solution.

Wall-mounted cat scratchers, shelves and beds can be combined to make an epic cat wall or use them individually in small spaces. Click the link below each photo to read customer reviews and get more details about these featured cat furniture items. We put together this list of space-saving wall-mounted cat perches, steps, scratchers and condos we think will please even the fussiest cat you know.

Ruby Road Cat Scratching Post for Floor or Wall A solid natural wood frame with durable woven sisal that naturally inspires scratching. The perfect surface for your cat do all the things that come instinctively to it, including scratching, pouncing, playing, and climbing. All components are non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your cat chewing or ingesting any parts.

Wall Mount Cat Floating Steps This pair of kitty shelves includes a teaser feather and fluffy ball for extra fun. Modern and minimalist design; sturdy and safe. Stainless steel mounting screws for easy installation.

Treasborn Wall Cat Scratching Post Can be mounted on any wall or installed in your cat’s crate. A solid oak frame and replaceable sisal scratching post make it functional and attractive.  It can also be installed horizontally and used as a balance beam, depending on your cat’s weight and size.

Wall Mounted Cat Condos Tree House Cats need their privacy. This cat hide-out is fast to assemble and the cover can be removed for washing and to expose the two solid wood shelves. Other compatible cat pieces are also available to expand the cat tree house.

Art of Paws Cat Shelf With its curved wood hammock design, both you and your cat are sure to love this elevated cat bed. Two covers included, a soft wool one and a fiber-type one, for maximum comfort and scratching. Three year warranty plus free e-book on teaching your cat to high-five. If you have multiple cats, get one shelf for each. They look great staggered or grouped together.

Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post with Steps and Hammock Lots of features provide variety for your kitty. Whether they feel like scratching, climbing, jumping or napping, this cat furniture piece has got you covered. Put 2 together for floor to ceiling coverage and 6 levels!

Wall Corner Cat Massage and Self Groomer Made with soft plastic bristles for gentle massaging and cat grooming. Good for long and short haired cats, and fits standard wall corners, table legs and furniture corners. Comes as a set of 2 so you can install one and use the other as a handheld brush if you like.

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