May BarkBox Review + Coupon: Barkfest In Bed

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Daisy received her monthly BarkBox and it just might be the CUTEST one yet! Every month, dogs with a BarkBox subscription receive a different themed box of dog toys, treats and surprises. This month’s BarkBox theme was Barkfest In Bed: an adorable assortment of whimsical breakfast food dog toys and tasty treats.

As with each month’s dog subscription box from BarkBox, this one included 2 fun toys inspired by the theme, plus 2 full-size bags of dog treats and a meaty chew stick. You can expect a value of $30-$40 worth of dog toys and treats in each month’s BarkBox, for as low as $21/month including Free US Shipping. Read on to see what we thought of our May BarkBox.

Daisy gets the large dog box which is shown in all our BarkBox reviews, but whatever size your dog is, they will get the same number of toys and treats in appropriate sizes. Treats are also customized based on whether you specify food allergies in your dog’s BarkBox profile.

We hope you’ll stay for breakfast and our complete BarkBox review but if you are just here for the BarkBox coupon, use promo code WOOFWOOFMAMA to get a FREE extra month added to any order of 1-month or more at

May BarkBox Dog Toys

Puppy Side Up Egg Dog Toy ($10 retail value) This fried egg dog toy is super cute and fun. It’s floppy and great for playing fetch and has a large squeaker ball inside.

Sploot Loops Dog Toy ($10 retail value) We really love how creative this cereal box dog toy it. The attention to detail is some of the best we’ve seen, with all four sides of the cereal box individually illustrated. It’s got squeakers and you can stuff the pullout crinkle material back into the box to make it a challenging puzzle toy, too.

Speaking of puzzles, this toy even has a “spot the differences” puzzle on the back just like a real cereal box!

You can really see how much detail, thought and creativity go into the design of each BarkBox dog toy. Always super cute and unique, the BarkBox folks never fail to surprise and delight us with something new in each month’s box. Not every dog gets the same toys in their BarkBox, so here’s a look at some of the variations. Fun is definitely on this breakfast menu!

May BarkBox Dog Treats

Lamb Snack Stick ($3 retail value) The label says that this long-lasting dog treat is designed to massage gums and mechanically remove tarter. It’s pretty big so I’m probably going to break it into pieces rather than give Daisy the whole thing at once.

Oinky Jerky Sticks Dog Treats ($5 retail value) Chewy pork and apple jerky sticks are perfect for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!

Oinky Rolls Dog Treats ($5 retail value) These pork recipe dog treats are soft, chewy biscuits with a hint of molasses, and look just like little breakfast sausages.

This month’s BarkBox was a real winner, but if you ever receive a toy or treat that doesn’t make you happy or that isn’t suitable for your dog, know that BarkBox will send you a FREE replacement with no questions asked. You don’t even have to send back the unwanted item. They encourage you to donate or share it, and will send you a replacement more to your dog’s liking! It’s part of their Scout’s Honor Satisfaction Guarantee that comes with every delivery.

May BarkBox Review 2021

BarkBox Cost and Value

By our calculation, this month’s BarkBox had $33 worth of dog toys and  treats if you were to purchase them all separately.

That’s a great value when you consider that subscription prices start at $21/month with free US Shipping. 

In addition to saving money, we also love the WOW-factor and excitement of getting a new delivery of surprises each month. It’s a chance to discover new dog treats and toys that we might not have known about otherwise. And the BarkBox toys are really Instagram-worthy, making them the perfect photo props in addition to some amazing and unique dog toys!

Visit BarkBox HERE to learn more and customize a box for your dog!

Nutrisystem Week 7 Update: Shakes and Cinnamon Rolls! #NSNation

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breakfast with nutrisystem

I was never much of a breakfast person before starting the Nutrisystem program, but I find myself becoming a big fan! Last week, I tried the new frozen breakfast burrito entree, and this week I had my first Cinnamon Roll along with a yummy chocolate protein shake. If I’d known I could eat pastries and drink shakes every morning and still lose weight, I would have started eating breakfast a long time ago!

The shakes are easy to make in the handy blender cup that Nutrisystem sends, and my favorites are chocolate and coffee. They’re meant to be a breakfast item, but I sometimes save mine for later in the day depending on my schedule and mood. And the cinnamon roll is even more delicious than I’d imagined…very much like the yummy Cinnabon ones you can get at the mall or airport!

Nutrisystem Cinnamon Roll

I love that we are 7 weeks into the program and I’m still discovering new food items!  They definitely have enough options to keep things interesting! We just placed our next food order and I reordered a bunch of my favorites, but am also excited about trying a few more new entrees!

Woof Woof Papa wants me to let you know that he got back on track and has recovered from his Thanksgiving feasting! He’d gained some pounds the week after Thanksgiving and has managed to drop them again quickly. Having a reliable and easy plan in place, that we know is working, really helps…so THANKS to Nutrisystem for that!

So how did we do this week? Here’s our week #7 update:

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