Goats of Anarchy: One Woman’s Quest to Save the World One Goat At A Time

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If you love cute animals and spend any time on the internet, then you’ve probably seen Goats of Anarchy. If not, stop what you are doing and watch this adorable video to see the story of one of the rescue goats in her duck costume (she wears it like a dog wears a ThunderShirt, to calm her anxiety):

Too cute, right?!? Anyway, there’s a new Goats of Anarchy book being released in a few days and it’s available to order NOW. It should ship out on March 15th, but may sell out quickly, as popular internet sensations are known to do. As with all Amazon book orders, it comes with the pre-release guarantee. Order now and if the price decreases before it is released, you only pay the lower price.

Order: Goats of Anarchy: One Woman’s Quest to Save the World One Goat At A Time. Hardcover; March 15, 2017.

From the publisher: Get ready to party—the goats are back in town! Based on the popular Instagram account, Goats of Anarchy takes you on a tour of Leanne’s goat rescue farm, a place where special-needs goats can heal, grow, and butt heads to their hearts’ content.

Join Pocket, Ella, Chibs, Lyla, Prospect and Polly–the goat who took the Internet by storm with her adorable duck costume–as they rumble, snuggle, pig out, dress up, and even teach you a few goat yoga moves to loosen your haunches. Whether they’re learning to walk or just romping around the farm, these horned and hooved heartbreakers will have you grinning ear to ear as they chew the scenery—literally!

About the author: Also known as “Goat Mama,” Leanne Lauricella is the founder of Goats of Anarchy, a non-profit organization that aims to rescue and rehabilitate baby goats with special needs. As a former city girl with a passion and compassion for animals, Leanne has developed a wildly popular and Webby award-winning Instagram account and continues to provide goats a happy and loving forever home at her sanctuary. When she left New York City for the wilds of New Jersey in 2011, Leanne Lauricella knew nothing about animal sanctuaries. She started her Instagram account, @goatsofanarchy, shortly after getting her first two goats, Jax and Opie. Today, Leanne’s Instagram has over 400,000 followers, and is the winner of the 2016 People’s Voice Webby Award for Animal-Based Social Media Account. [Read more…]

Wordless Wednesday: Cookie Face Daisy

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daisy dog balancing heart shaped cookie on her face

Wordless Wednesday Pet Blog Hop

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Wordless Wednesday: Aren’t I Cute? Now Give Me a Cookie.

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white dog, yellow lab, daisy, dog with obama scarf, cute dog, dog by fridge

Daisy’s special talent is sitting in the kitchen looking as adorable as possible until someone (Papa) gives her a treat. She’s trained him well!

What’s YOUR dog’s special talent or favorite trick? Leave us a comment and let us know…Then visit the other links below for more pet photos, plus link up and add your own to the blog hop!

Wordless Wednesday Pet Blog Hop

Win an Adorable Animal Humidifier for Healthy Pets and Family!

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Win an adorable animal humidifier!

When we adopted Daisy from the shelter, she came home with a terrible case of Kennel Cough and since we didn’t have a humidifier, the vet said to put her in the bathroom filled with steam from the shower several times a day. When I saw the adorable animal humidifiers in this giveaway my first thought was how having one of these sure would have made me smile a little during a difficult and scary first week with our new rescue pup!

Humidifiers are also pediatrician recommended to help relieve cough, cold, and flu symptoms, as well as provide relief for dry skin. They can also help the entire family get a good night’s sleep! Register now to win an oh-so-cute Crane animal humidifier!!! The winner will select the animal of their choice.