Last-Minute Gift Idea for Men: Mantry Artisan Food Crate

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Looking for an original gift idea for the special man on your gift list? Check out Mantry, the modern man’s pantry!

The #1 food gift for men, each Mantry includes 6 full-size artisan food products packed in a handmade wooden crate along with a custom manual detailing product stories and recipes. The food & beverage items that in Mantry are not your typical grocery store items and if your guy likes things like bacon, bourbon, and BBQ (what guy doesn’t!?!) he will LOVE receiving a gift subscription to Mantry.

I got a Mantry for Woof Woof Papa, and opened it up so I could show you the kinds of stuff to expect. Each box is designed around a specific theme, and this one is “Coffee and a Smoke” with all 6 items having rich and bold flavors.

december mantry

Some past box themes include Craft Beer Belly, Bacon Nation, Campfire Cookout and Salty Dog, just to name a few. So, if you’ve got a food lover on your list and are looking for a last-minute gift idea, get him a Mantry!

You’ll get a digital gift card delivered to your email instantly, and their first Mantry ships in January.

Gift Options:

1 Mantry $75 + $10 Shipping
3 Month $225 + FREE Shipping
6 Month $450 + FREE Shipping

3 & 6 MONTH BONUS: Until Dec 25 receive a bonus Mantry Jerky kit ($30 Value). Ships with their 2nd crate. Visit for more info and to order.

Coburn’s Exclusive: Handcrafted Dog and Cat Feeders – Review & Reader Discount!

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In preparation for a RED HOT new Valentine’s Day Giveaway we are hosting, Daisy and I were recently invited to get up-close and personal with a beautiful custom-made, elevated dog feeder from the studio at Coburn’s Exclusive.

daisy enjoying her new feeder

This piece, and the complete line of elevated dog and cat feeders, are crafted by artisan Coburn Gullen. We were so impressed with his work that we asked to know more about the artist and how he came to make dog feeders.

Turns out that Coburn is welder by trade, but has always had a passion for design. He is also a passionate animal lover and after reading the benefits of an elevated feeder, he set out to find some for his dogs that were hand-made and cool. That is where he hit a roadblock. Although there are many companies out there making elevated feeders, he found it tough to find a good quality, high design dog feeder that would fit his style and budget.

A few weeks later he had his first prototypes for his dogs to try out. His dogs loved the feeders, so he decided this was an endeavor worth pursuing. Coburn along with fellow designer Jonathan Hammel began producing several standard designs along with one-of-a-kind designs as well. Some of the other custom Dog products they build include: Custom K9 Crates, Dog Transport, Custom Agility equipment and Custom Kennels.


examples of Coburn's Exclusive custom dog feeders

As you can see, Coburn’s Exclusive offers elevated dog and cat feeders in a variety of stylish and colorful designs. The feeder Coburn made for Daisy is the Modern Dog Feeder in Red. This particular item is available from their online store in Red or Black in a full range of heights from 4″ for teeny-tiny pups all the way up to 26″ for jumbo-size dogs. It’s important to properly measure your dog before ordering, to determine which size feeder to get. They include full instructions on the site, but basically you measure from the ground to the top of your dog’s shoulder. This is called the wither height. Then subtract 6 inches and this is the correct feeder height for your dog bowl. For pets 10 inches and shorter they suggest a 4 inch tall feeder.
how to measure your pal for a feeder

One of the special benefits of ordering a Coburn’s Exclusive is that it can be customized to fit your home design or dog’s unique attributes. For Daisy’s feeder, I wanted something that didn’t take up much space but was the proper height. Daisy is a medium-sized dog but doesn’t eat a lot at each meal so I was concerned that the standard 2-qt bowls described online would be too big. I emailed Coburn’s and they were able to customize the design and incorporate 1-qt bowls instead, while still keeping the proper height for her size.
can I eat now?

This worked out so well for us since my office is in the kitchen and to save on space, we keep Daisy’s feeder just about under my desk…it’s kind of become her office too since I started my blog! Here you can see Daisy  waiting “patiently” for her breakfast.

Speaking of being patient, by now you are probably itching to head on over to Coburn’s Exclusive and browse their gallery of fabulous feeders! Well hang on just a sec, because they are offering a special deal for all of Daisy’s pals and fans of our blog:

10% discount to all Woof Woof Mama readers!

Just enter promo code: WoofWoofMama2012 during check out!

Want to WIN a Coburn’s Exclusive design? As I mentioned, we will be hosting a Coburn’s Exclusive Giveaway especially for Valentine’s Day…STARTING TOMORROW! So check back for details!

UPDATE 2/1: Go HERE to enter the giveaway!

Note: We received a custom-built Coburn’s Exclusive dog feeder for our review; I was not paid for this review and all opinions are mine (and Daisy’s!).