We’re Testing Driving Snapshot by Progressive! #TrySnapshot

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my snapshot from Progressive
Daisy and I were invited to join the Snapshot Test Drive Program for 30 days, to see how much we could save on car insurance from Progressive! To clarify, I’ll be doing the driving, and Daisy will be my back-seat companion. I swear that girl enjoys the journey as much as the destination – a great reminder for all of us!

Our kit with the Snapshot Device and instructions on how and where to plug it in just arrived so we are now officially part of Team Flo! (Who knew there was a data port under my steering wheel!?!) I’m guessing that most of you are big fans of Flo just like we are…No one does commercials like our gal pal!

We’ll be checking back in to give you an update on how our test drive goes, and to bring you the chance to win some cool swag from Flo and Progressive, so stay tuned! Drivers currently enrolled in the program on average save $150 per year, so we can’t wait to see how we do!

In the mean time, just wanted to let you know that anyone can take Snapshot on a 30-day FREE Test Drive! You don’t even have to switch insurance! At the end of the 30 day free program, you get a quote and can save up to 30% based on your own driving data. 

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