CleanFlow Water Bowls for Dogs & Cats 58% OFF + Free Shipping/Free Returns

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CleanFlow dog bowl

It’s important to make sure that your pets always have an adequate supply of clean, fresh water available to them. This CleanFlow kit takes it even one step further by filtering your pets water with a quiet-running charcoal filter so it’s free from impurities.

Right now, Groupon Goods has a deal on the CleanFlow Water Bowls and Kits that you won’t want to miss. Prices for dog or cat bowls are 58-63% OFF regular rates depending on size and all items come with Free Shipping and Free Returns. You also get a free cleaning brush, and dog bowls include expandable reservoir kits and spare filters. Go here to see photos and prices of all the options, starting from $24.99 ($60 reg).

How Often Do You Wash Your Dog Bowls?

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I was washing Daisy’s food and water bowls this morning and got to thinking about how often you’re really supposed to do it. It’s easy to forget simple things like this…there’s so much for pet parents to keep up with between monthly heartworm meds, vet appointments, nail clipping, etc!

wash dog bowl

Keeping Your Dog Bowls Clean

Although dogs tend to lick their bowls til they appear clean, they sure do get germy and slimy if you don’t wash them regularly. If you Google “How often to wash dog bowls?” you’ll find various recommendations from every day (makes sense but I’ll admit I don’t do it that frequently) to once a week.

Some experts recommend a little bleach, other say to put them in the dishwasher (as close as Daisy & I are, I’m kind of grossed out at the idea of washing her dishes with ours). I just stick them in the sink and soak them in hot, soapy water after breakfast a couple times a week and then scrub and rinse them well later in the day. I keep a separate brush and sponge to use for her bowls.

Depending upon whether your dog eats dry kibble only like Daisy, or also eats wet food, you might want to do it more often. I’ve read that it also depends on what type of material the bowls are made from. Plastic or rubber bowls are more porous and will need to be washed much more frequently to remove bacteria. Stainless steel or glazed ceramic help prevent the bacteria from hiding and growing in the bowl’s surface so they are often what veterinarians recommend.

How often do YOU wash your dog’s bowls and what method do you find easiest and most effective? We’d love to read your tips and advice!

Want to learn more about the basics of dog care? Check out these great resources from the ASPCA!

Vintage-Style Cat Food Bowls and Mats + 30% OFF at

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vintage cat food bowls

Love that vintage look? Check out these super cool feeding bowls and mats for cats! I spotted them at today and thought I’d share them with our cat people.

The set of two bowls is $19.99 but you can use a special promo code: FASALE for 20% OFF this particular item – or see below for a 30% OFF code for new customers. The mats are really affordable at $4.99 each and there are several designs to choose from. These two are my favorites since they match the bowls:

vintage cat mat

cat water mat

Find the Vintage Cat Food Bowls and more at If you’re buying other items, and are a first time customer, use Wag Promo Code THIRTYWAG to Save 30% on your order. The site is filled with great pet deals on food, toys, treats and other supplies for dogs, cats and critters!

wag promo code

Designer Ceramic Pet Bowls w/ Metal Stand $16 + Free Shipping ($50 reg)!

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pet bowls and feeders
This ceramic pet feeder with metal stand is on sale right now for 68% Off in your choice of 3 cool designs including Leopard, Zebra and Paw prints . Regular price is $49.95 but visit Groupon Goods here and snag one for only $16 including shipping!
ceramic pet bowls with stand

Deal ends midnight on Monday 11/5 and there is a limit of 3 per person plus 2 more as gifts. And we think this makes a GREAT gift idea! Visit for more sweet deals!

Personalized Gifts for Pets and Animal Lovers from Zazzle!

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zazzle personalized pet gifts

We’ve found a cool source of personalized gifts for pets and animal lovers. It’s called Zazzle and their online customization shop is packed with fun stuff including food bowls, iPhone cases, pet clothes, posters, tags,  ornaments and more items that can all be personalized to make an extra special gift!

How CUTE is that personalized dog bowl complete with daisy flowers and Daisy’s name on it?!? They have so many styles and patterns that you’re sure to find one for the dog on your holiday gift list! Here’s a few more we like:

zazzle dog bowls

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