4 Ways to Help Animals + Enter to WIN an ASPCA Holiday Gift Pack!

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Daisy Christmas help

I’m getting a late start with Christmas decorations but luckily I have Daisy to help me out. She’s a great helper, and you can see from her smile that she is very happy about getting started!

And speaking of helping, the holiday season is the perfect time of year to spread the word about ways YOU can help animals. Our pals over at ASPCA have put together some tips and infographic for animals lovers with 4 Ways to Help Animals this Holiday Season:

1.       Adopt, Don’t Shop

Make adoption your first option this holiday season! Avoid buying anything from pet stores that sell puppies because most of them come from puppy mills. Search for local adoptable animals by visiting www.ASPCA.org/adopt

 2.       Help Local Shelters

Help your local shelter by volunteering your time or finding out what supplies they need. You can also win a grant for your local shelter by entering our “Home for the Holidays” contest with Dogist and Subaru at www.ASPCA.org/holiday

 3.       Have a More Humane Holiday Meal

If you eat meat, eggs, or dairy, look for certifications that require better treatment for animals on farms, specifically Certified Humane, Animal Welfare Approved, and GAP (Levels 2 and above). Visit www.ASPCA.org/labels to view a label guide and get useful tips and info on how to have a more humane holiday

 4.       Host a Holiday Sweet Swap

Consider hosting a holiday bake sale at your office or with friends and family and donate the proceeds to help animals in need. Find out how to start your fundraiser at www.ASPCA.org/SweetSwap

ASPCA holiday info

To help celebrate the Holiday Season, we’ve got a super cool prize pack for one lucky winner! It includes a whole bunch of goodies you can either keep for yourself, or gift to the animal lovers on your list. The prize pack includes:

  • West Elm Animal Tea Towels: Inspired by some of Instagram’s most famous pets, West Elm will donate $1 for every towel purchased to the ASPCA.
  • Subaru Collapsible Water Bowl & Puppy Dog Cinch Bag: Since 2008, Subaru has supported nearly 1,000 pet adoption events, resulting in more than 11,500 adoptions to date.
  • Walkers Shortbread Cookie Tin
  • ASPCA Pet Throw
  • ASPCA Branded Canvas Tote Bag

ASPCA Holiday Giveaway

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Most Popular Dog Names List + Vote For Your Favorites!

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popular names for dogs

If you’re thinking about adopting a puppy soon and need name ideas, or are just curious about how popular your own dog’s name is, check out the list of top dog names over at PetMD.com. Updated regularly, they keep a database of over 5,000 puppy dog names.

You can find your dog’s name on the list and click the heart next to it to vote it up in popularity. If you don’t see your dog’s name, you can submit it to be added to the list! There’s also a fun list of top celebrity canines and some really cute videos.

PetMD.com also has great resources including info about recent pet food recalls, dietary advice, and a Pet Symptom Checker where you can read online pet health articles from their animal care experts.

How Often Do You Wash Your Dog Bowls?

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I was washing Daisy’s food and water bowls this morning and got to thinking about how often you’re really supposed to do it. It’s easy to forget simple things like this…there’s so much for pet parents to keep up with between monthly heartworm meds, vet appointments, nail clipping, etc!

wash dog bowl

Keeping Your Dog Bowls Clean

Although dogs tend to lick their bowls til they appear clean, they sure do get germy and slimy if you don’t wash them regularly. If you Google “How often to wash dog bowls?” you’ll find various recommendations from every day (makes sense but I’ll admit I don’t do it that frequently) to once a week.

Some experts recommend a little bleach, other say to put them in the dishwasher (as close as Daisy & I are, I’m kind of grossed out at the idea of washing her dishes with ours). I just stick them in the sink and soak them in hot, soapy water after breakfast a couple times a week and then scrub and rinse them well later in the day. I keep a separate brush and sponge to use for her bowls.

Depending upon whether your dog eats dry kibble only like Daisy, or also eats wet food, you might want to do it more often. I’ve read that it also depends on what type of material the bowls are made from. Plastic or rubber bowls are more porous and will need to be washed much more frequently to remove bacteria. Stainless steel or glazed ceramic help prevent the bacteria from hiding and growing in the bowl’s surface so they are often what veterinarians recommend.

How often do YOU wash your dog’s bowls and what method do you find easiest and most effective? We’d love to read your tips and advice!

Want to learn more about the basics of dog care? Check out these great resources from the ASPCA!