Stop Unwanted Behaviors with shakeTrainer Dog Obedience Tool

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Looking for a dog-friendly way to stop your dog’s unwanted barking, chewing or other behaviors? Check out the shakeTrainer, a humane training system created by professionals and approved by vets. Put a stop to endless barking, rapidly end destructive chewing, reduce indoor “accidents”, and much more, all without using harmful training collars or paying for expensive obedience classes.

The secret to eliminating these annoying behaviors is shakeTrainer’s super fast two step training system. Not only is it easy to use, you’ll have fun too. A fresh approach to Dog training, shakeTrainer has everything you need to end all of your Dog’s unwanted behaviors. Included with your shakeTrainer are a User Guide and a 5 minute instructional DVD that show you how quick and easy it is for you to stop unwanted behaviors with shakeTrainer.

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Stop Barking + More w/ ShakeTrainer $23 Shipped ($39 reg)!

Some posts may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

shaketrainer on sale

You might have heard advice from dog trainers about putting pennies in a can and shaking it when your dog barks, chews, jumps  or does other stuff you want to stop. The shakeTrainer is a professionally designed system that works on the same principle but is easier to hold and comes with a training DVD.

The idea is that you correct the dog using the noise the shakeTrainer makes, NOT your hands or voice. Touching or speaking to your dog is attention, and the best way to encourage a behavior is by giving your dog attention. has the award winning shakeTrainer On Sale for $22.99 including Free Shipping right now! That’s 41% OFF the regular price of $39. The pet deals at Coupaw rotate frequently and they keep a full updated list to the right-side of the main deal of the day, so check the list there if you don’t see this one immediately on the homepage. I also recommend you signup for their free email alerts to get notification as new pet deals are added!