{As Seen on TV} Magic Mesh Instant Door Cover – Buy 1 Get 1 FREE for $19.95!

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OK, so I know some people think “as seen on tv” products are silly, but Daisy’s papa and I were watching tv the other day and saw the commercial for Magic Mesh and both thought it was GENIUS! You can create an instant doggy door anywhere you have a doorway, with no tools!

Basically, the mesh is easy to hang in any doorway and has magnets to keep it closed, so it keeps bugs out and lets fresh air in. What I love is that dogs can run through it to let themselves in and out and it snaps closed automatically behind them! You can go here to view the Magic Mesh TV Commercial and BOGO offer for yourself! Be sure to watch for the cute dogs running through and the Magic Mesh snapping shut behind them…cracks me up every time!

Remember: It’s our job as pet parents to keep our dogs safe so only let your pup outside when they are on a leash or if you have a secure area like a fenced-in yard!