Book for Dog Lovers: The Dog Lady of Mexico

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been spending a LOT of time reading recently. I’ve always been a book-lover and avid reader, but since the coronavirus shutdown, I’ve been devouring just about every book I can get my hands on.

Most recently, I’ve been reading The Dog Lady of Mexico by Alison Sawyer Current. It’s a fictional novel, based on a true story. It’s heartwarming, inspiring, and sure to tug at the heartstrings of dog lovers and animal rescue supporters everywhere.

From the book’s back cover

Rose’s lifelong dream was to move to a tropical paradise and continue her work as an artist. She imagined waking up by the ocean, sipping her coffee on the beach and heading to her pottery studio. There she would spin sun-drenched inspirations while her husband would share his passion for food at his ocean side cantina. It was all coming together for Rose when a good deed changed her life forever. Little did she know that this small favor would gradually become an obsession that she could not ignore. Take a trip with The Dog Lady of Mexico – a fictional novel based on a true story. Follow this heart-wrenching journey of love, loss and survival while building an animal rescue on the tiny island of Isla Mujeres in Mexico.

Part of the book sale proceeds will go to support Isla Animals, the rescue organization Alison founded in Mexico in 2004.

The Dog Lady of Mexico is available in paperback here, and is also currently FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited.

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High School Author Book Proceeds Help Animals in Need

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There’s a new book for YA Fiction Fans from high school student author, 17 year old Gracie Dix. It’s Welcome To Superhero School (The Vork Chronicles Book 1). It’s an action-packed adventure of friendship, hardship, and humor.

You’ll be interested to know that Gracie is an animal lover and one of the characters in Welcome to Superhero School was actually inspired by her own dog, Snowball.

To help give back, Gracie has decided that $1 from each book sold, up to $10,000 will be donated to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International (SPCAI). 100% of this donation will go directly towards advancing the safety and well-being of animals.

With Stay at Home orders still in place, now is the perfect time to do some reading and help support this young author. Use this link to read more and order a copy.

FREE Kindle Book for Kids and Dog Lovers: Baby Saves Christmas

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Baby Saves Christmas Free Kindle Book

Hurry on over to Amazon and snag this FREE Kindle book, Baby Saves Christmas, while it’s 100% OFF. Baby looks a lot like Daisy, don’t you think?

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free kindle book

If you like free Kindle e-books, be sure to browse the list of Top 100 Free Kindle Books for more!

Amazon: The Parrot Talks in Chocolate – FREE Kindle Book Download ($4.99 reg.)

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The Parrot Talks in Chocolate, Amazon, FREE Kindle Book Download

I love my new iPad and one of the best things about it is being able to download and collect FREE ebooks and Kindle editions of books. I love to read but don’t always have a ton of time…the nice thing about the free downloads is that you can snag them when you see them and then save them for when you have time.

Amazon frequently selects different books and temporarily offers them for FREE. You’ll find cookbooks, mysteries, children’s stories and fiction for grown ups. Here’s the list of the Top 100 FREE Kindle Books available right now.

One that I’m particularly excited about is The Parrot Talks in Chocolate (The Life and Times of a Hawaiian Tiki Bar #1). The Print List Price is $12.99 and the Digital Version usually sells for $4.99 but it’s on the FREE List right now, so be sure to head on over and snag it while it’s free! The reviews are terrific and it sounds like a great story…just the title has me looking forward to making myself a tropical drink and settling by the pool to start reading!

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Amazon Top Free and Bestselling eBooks about Dogs – Read on Kindle, Other Device or PC!

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I don’t own a Kindle (yet!) but I love downloading the Free and very inexpensive eBooks offered on Amazon. I can add to my library without killing trees OR breaking the bank and I can read the books on my phone, my iPod, and my laptop on the go or at home. Here are a couple popular ones you might enjoy downloading from Amazon:

Jack the Dog and His Boy

Currently, the #1 FREE eBook in the Dog Category on Amazon is Jack the Dog: And His Boy . A beautiful collection of heart-warming tales about a boy and his dog.

A Dog Named Slugger Kindle Edition $1.99

#1 eBook in the paid category is a bargain at $1.99 which is 87% Off the List Price of $12.95! A Dog Named Slugger is the true story of a young woman with cerebral palsy and her experiences with a big, lovable yellow Lab named Slugger, who becomes her service dog and beloved companion.

The Amazon list is updated hourly, and you can go here to view the Top FREE and Best Selling Fiction and Non-Fiction Books about Dogs to read on Kindle or other devices.