Most Popular Dog Names List + Vote For Your Favorites!

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popular names for dogs

If you’re thinking about adopting a puppy soon and need name ideas, or are just curious about how popular your own dog’s name is, check out the list of top dog names over at Updated regularly, they keep a database of over 5,000 puppy dog names.

You can find your dog’s name on the list and click the heart next to it to vote it up in popularity. If you don’t see your dog’s name, you can submit it to be added to the list! There’s also a fun list of top celebrity canines and some really cute videos. also has great resources including info about recent pet food recalls, dietary advice, and a Pet Symptom Checker where you can read online pet health articles from their animal care experts.

8 Things You Need to Know When Shopping for Pet Insurance

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 avoid high vet bills with good pet insurance

Just like the humans in the family, our fur kids can get sick and need to see a doctor. We all want the very best for our pets, but the expensive costs of some conditions and treatments can lead to making difficult choices or decisions about their care. It’s upsetting enough when a furry family member is sick or injured, and the last thing you need to worry about is how you are going to pay for it.

Pet insurance helps reduce the worry of expensive vet bills by covering many unexpected expenses, often including tests, treatments, medications and more. You’ll need to do some research to find the plan that best meets your needs when it comes to balancing cost and level of coverage. Here’s what you need to know when comparing pet insurance policies:

1. Is it free to enroll?

Legitimate pet insurance companies do NOT charge an enrollment fee. Some may require you pay the first month or quarter upfront, but that payment will be applied directly to the cost of your policy.

2. Who is the insurance company’s underwriter and what is their rating?

As with health insurance for humans or even car and home insurance, you want to know about the financial health and credit rating of the company you are choosing to be sure they can afford to pay out the benefits promised if and when you need them. You can research insurance ratings online through A.M. Best Company or similar organizations.

3. Are prescription medications covered?

Coverage can vary by policy so be sure to verify. Some pet insurance plans only cover medication while others also include coverage for prescription pet food.

4. Can you choose your own deductible level?

While some pet parents like knowing that everything will be covered if they ever need it, plans with zero or very low deductibles are more pricey. Having a high-deductible plan for emergencies can be less expensive but still offer protection against unexpected expenses. It’s best to find a balance between the two that you are comfortable with so look for a plan that offers different options.

5. How does the plan define “pre-existing conditions” and what coverage is included/excluded if your pet has one?

This is one of those things that can be tricky, so do your homework. If your pet has been treated for an illness or condition in the past, you’ll need to do some research to see how future coverage is affected.

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List of Top Puppy Names + Free Pet Symptom Checker at!

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Are you adopting a new puppy and need help finding the perfect name? Or maybe you’re just curious about what the most popular dog names are these day…I know Daisy has become a pretty common one! Check out the lists over at for Most Popular Names for Male and Female Dogs! They have over 5,000 dog names in their database and you can even submit your own if you don’t see it on the lists! also has great resources like info about recent pet food recalls, dietary advice, and a Pet Symptom Checker where you can read online pet health articles from their extensive database!

5 Pro Tips for Taking Great Pet Photos

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SLC Pawtography Pro Tips for Great Pet Photos

I recently caught up with my pal Uschi, who just happens to be a professional pet photographer and mom to super-pup Sawyer (photo above). With the holidays coming up, I asked if she would share a few tips to help all of us pet parents capture some special shots of our own fur kids. Here’s her expert advice on simple tips we can all try ourselves…

1. Pick the right light:  Ideally you would want to take the pictures outside to take advantage of the natural light. If you need to shoot inside, avoid the flash. Instead, take the photos in an area with lots of available light, for example by a large window or a glass door.
2. Be aware of the background:  Outside, find an area without buildings or other distractions. Inside, remove clutter or put up a backdrop.
3. Make sure your pets are relaxed and not paying attention to the camera:  Use treats or toys to distract them from the camera and try to catch them behaving naturally. If possible, have a second person around to keep the pet’s attention.
4. Use a fast shutter speed:  Since animals twitch and jump for unknown reasons at the most unexpected moments you should shoot at the fastest shutter speed possible. Either set your camera to shutter priority and set the highest speed or, if your camera doesn’t have shutter speed control, try the sports or action setting.
5. Most importantly, keep your camera around:  Have your camera handy whenever you can so you can catch your pet doing the things they do naturally. You can spend a lot of time staging pictures and have your pets pose, but you’ll often get better photos just by waiting for your pets to express their unique personality.

You can visit Uschi and check out her gallery at SLC Pawtography. And be sure to LIKE Sawyer the Wander Dog on Facebook!

SLC Pawtography is based in Salt Lake City, but all work is done on location, where your pets are most comfortable. For more details and pricing please contact Uschi at or call 801-230-3773.

Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Pet Costumes for 2011

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pirate costume

Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore. The National Retail Federation has been tracking Halloween shopping trends and estimates that Americans will spend aproximately $310 million on pet costumes alone! This is the ninth year the NRF has conducted surveys on consumer Halloween spending and favorite costumes.

They’ve released the results of their 2011 research including the Top 10 Pet Costumes:

1. Pumpkin
2. Devil
3. Hot Dog
4. Bee
5. Cat
6. Witch
7. Bows/Fancy Collars/Bandanas
8. Pirate
9. Dog
10. Ghost

What is your pet’s favorite Halloween Costume? Post comments here or share photos with us on Facebook!