And The New Monopoly Game Token Is…The Cat!

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monopoly cat token

Remember last month when I told you about how you could vote to save your favorite Monopoly token plus choose a new one? Well, the results are in and not surprisingly, iron was voted off (because who likes to iron, anyway?!?) and the newest addition to the board game is sure to please our feline friends…it’s The Cat!!!

I’m happy to report that the Scottie dog remained safely in the lead for votes and will stay on the board thanks to all the dog lovers out there! Here’s a look at the standings during the final day of the competition:

monopoly votes

If you’re a fan of the iron, or a board game collector, be sure to snag Monopoly: The Classic Edition before it’s gone for good! And Cat Fanciers, be sure to watch out for the new game version coming soon!

Vote To Save Scottie Dog the Monopoly Game Token!

Some posts may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

save your favorite monoply token

The makers of the Monopoly board game are looking to change things up a bit and are asking Facebook fans to save their favorite token. The losing token gets voted off. You also have the chance to vote in a new favorite, but most importantly: Scottie Dog needs our help so be sure to vote for him to stay in the game!

save monopoly dog token

Head on over to the Monopoly Facebook Page to vote for your favorite game token and see the new candidates up for consideration including this shiny new Cat Token!

cat token Monopoly