Tips, Kits and Tools To Make Your Own Dog Treats

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Tips, Tricks and Tools for DIY Dog Treats

Every want to learn how to make your own dog treats? Whether you are concerned about controlling the ingredients, looking for more frugal alternatives to store-bought treats, or just like to make stuff, here are several fun deals on cookbooks, tools and kits we’ve rounded up to help you get started on making your own DIY dog treats:

Make Your Own Dog Treats:

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The Easter Hound, Easy Easter Recipes + 8 More FREE Kindle Easter Books

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Free Easter books

This week’s roundup of FREE book downloads is ALL about EASTER! Titles change frequently and without warning, so be sure to snag these 10 new FREE eBook downloads while they are available at no cost. You can read them on a Kindle or any tablet, PC, laptop, Smartphone or other web-enabled device using one of the free Kindle Reading Apps.

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10 FREE Easter Kindle eBooks

Making Dairy-Free Frozen Treats for Pets & People with Yonanas

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DIY Dairy-Free Frozen Dog Treats

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably already got a peek at how excited Daisy and I were when our Yonanas Dessert Maker arrived recently! We’ve been putting it to good use, making frozen desserts for Woof Woof Papa and ourselves.

If you haven’t already heard about it, Yonanas is a super easy to use machine that makes Dairy-Free frozen treats and desserts using only frozen bananas and other frozen fruits. You can add chocolate, cookies, nuts and other stuff if you want to get creative, but if you want to share with your dog just stick to fruit you know they can eat and do NOT add all the other stuff. Save that for the humans! Here’s a quick demo video on how it works, since I couldn’t use it and film my own at the same time LOL:

As you can see, it’s really easy. And I also like that cleanup is a breeze. When I’m done I take it apart (also super easy) and either rinse it in the sink or put the parts in the top shelf of the dishwasher. It’s very similar in design to a juicer, but way easier to clean and faster to take apart and put back together, in my experience!

easy yonanas cleanup

To make sure we’re always stocked up on frozen bananas, I buy large bunches so there will always be enough to eat AND some to freeze when they get spotted. And then when the freezer starts to get full, I like to make a big batch of Yonanas all at once. Usually Woof Woof Papa and I enjoy some while we watch a movie, and Daisy also gets a little cup for herself…but not too much at once! Most dogs do fine with small amounts of fruit but take it easy. We usually stick with just banana, or banana with a little frozen mango since that’s our favorite, but you can get creative depending on what you and your pup like! If you have human kids, they will love helping out and creating new flavor combinations, too!

To make sure I always have some frozen treats on hand, I take about half of whatever I make and put it into freezer molds so that Daisy can enjoy a tiny treat from time to time without over-indulging or having to wait til we have enough bananas to make a new batch. I like using these paw shaped molds but you can use ice cube trays or anything else you like!

Hurry up and freeze already!

Since I cannot resist that FACE, I usually let her lick the bowl too. I’m sure she likes to think of it as “helping” clean up!

lick the bowl

Besides serving Yonanas frozen desserts in a bowl or freezer mold, you can also make popsicles, creamy cold cantaloupe “soup” and loads of other healthy, non-dairy treats and dishes.

Do you and your dog love frozen bananas and other frozen treats? Want a deal on a Yonanas Machine? Check out the options on sale at!

frozen paw

Paw Shaped Silicone Molds for food and treats

7 DIY Pet Projects, Crafts and Recipes

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diy pet projects, crafts and recipes

Do you love DIY and craft projects almost as much as you love your pet? Then you won’t want to miss any of these fabulous pet projects, crafts and treat recipes. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite tutorials, recipes and patterns to help you get your craft on!

pet scrapbooking

Pet Scrapbooking

Save all those precious memories of your fur kid with these great tips and ideas on how to create a scrapbook especially for your pet. Go here for tutorial.

organic cat treats

Homemade Organic Spinach & Chicken Cat Treats

Learn how to make these easy and crunchy organic cat treats for your kitty.  With organic catnip, chicken and more tasty ingredients, they are sure to be a hit with even the most finicky feline friend! Get the recipe here.

diy dog coat

DIY Water-Resistant Dog Coat

The queen of all DIY Crafts, Martha Stewart, has a whole section of great pet craft projects including this one on how to make your own doggy coat. We think it looks more like a vest, but it’s super cute either way! Go here for the instructions.

 diy dog silhouette

DIY Dog Silhouette Art

Create your own wall art using your dog’s silhoutte. Stunning and simple! According to the author, the most difficult part is getting your dog to sit still for the photo. Learn how here.

make your own salmon treats for dogs

Salmon Cookie Recipe for Dogs

This easy recipe uses salmon or tuna and other natural ingredients to create adorable and yummy treats for your dog.  Now I just have to go find a fish-shaped cookie cutter! Get the recipe here.

knit dog toy pattern

Knit a Dog Toy

This intermediate knitting project calls for small double-pointed needles and worsted weight yarn. It looks a little challenging for a beginner like me, but it’s so darn cute that I had to share it! Get the dog toy knitting pattern.

Homemade Wild Bird Treats

Make Your Own Wild Bird Treats

And finally, here’s one for the birds! These easy, hanging treats for wild birds make a great gift idea…and would look so cute hanging outside the window. Get the super simple directions.

Lunch with #HeinzVinegar: Apple Walnut Salad with Maple Cider Vinaigrette

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I’m participating in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Heinz Vinegar. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.

Apple Walnut Salad

I’ve been a fan of using apple cider vinegar around the house for quite some time…mostly for cleaning, as a hair rinse and as a natural remedy for Daisy, both as a skin soother and added to her kibble for digestive health. Many pet parents also use it as a natural flea deterrent.  Of course, it’s also great in the kitchen especially for sauces, dressings, pickling and more.

Since I work from home, I love making a big salad for lunch with whatever I have in the fridge that day, but especially love this combination of apples, walnuts, avocado and simple dressing I mix up ahead of time in my blender bottle so I always have some ready to go with just a quick shake! Here’s the recipe, if you want to give it a try…

Apple Walnut Salad with Maple Cider Vinaigrette

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