Give Mom the Attention She Deserves: Join the #SocialBlackout Mother’s Day Movement!

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for MetLife. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Flowers, jewelry and candy are great, but this Mother’s Day give Mom something truly irreplaceable: Your Time and Attention! Put down the video games, tablets, smartphones and take a break from Facebook and Twitter…join the #SocialBlackout Movement and spend some real quality family time with mom, grandma and any other special women in your life.

social blackout for Mother's Day

We’ve all had the experience of trying to communicate with a spouse, our kids, friends or loved ones, only to feel ignored because they were too focused on their Twitter feed or were busy posting to Instagram…and we’ve probably also been guilty of  being the ones too engrossed with our social networks to notice what’s going on right around us. I’ll confess, the hubby sometimes complains that the only way to get MY attention is by tagging me on Facebook! As a blogger, social media is a big part of my job AND my life and I enjoy it! But, it’s super important to unplug and enjoy some time with loved ones and family and I’m trying to make it more of a priority.

To help, MetLife has created the #SocialBlackout movement, which challenges everyone to log off of social media on Mother’s Day, this Sunday May 12th, and give Mom the time and attention she deserves!

Moms are always there for us with undivided attention when we need it, so Mother’s Day is the perfect time to return the favor and give the gift of OUR attention! Participating is super simple…in fact, it’s probably the easiest event you’ve ever attended: just don’t show up! Instead, turn your attention to Mom  instead of friends and feeds. Just set your profile pic with the official #SocialBlackout image above, update your status with a warm Mother’s Day wish and take a break from your social sites for a day.

Help spread the Mother’s Day #SocialBlackout Movement: 

1. RSVP on the #SocialBlackout event page
2. Invite your friends to join
3. Log off Social Media on Mother’s Day!

It’s really that simple and you can visit the MetLife Facebook Page for more info.