Valentine’s Day BarkBox and Super Chewer Box FREE Double Deluxe Coupon

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Valentine's Day Super Chewer Dog Box Gift

Don’t miss this chance to show your Furry Valentine some love with a Valentine’s Day themed BarkBox or Super Chewer Box and get a FREE upgrade to double the toys and treats when you use one of these coupons:

Double your first Super Chewer Box for FREE using this link.

Double your first BarkBox for FREE using this link.

Don’t know the difference between BarkBox and Super Chewer? No Problem!

Every BarkBox includes 2 plush and adorable dog toys plus 2 full-size bags of dog treats plus a meaty chew stick treats.

Each Super Chewer Box comes with 2 super durable dog toys made for heavy chewers plus 2 full-size bags of dog treats and 2 meaty chew stick treats.

These limited-edition Sweetie Pies Barkery boxes are super cute so head on over now and snag a Valentine’s Day BarkBox or a Valentine’s Day Super Chewer Box for your favorite pooch and get double the usually stuff for your first box.

Valentine's Day BarkBox Coupon

Want to find out more about either of these dog box subscriptions?

Visit our BarkBox Reviews Page to learn more and see what was in some of Daisy’s favorite BarkBox and Super Chewer deliveries!

May Super Chewer Box Review + Coupon: Knights of Gnawmore

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Super Chewer Review

We’re back with a new Super Chewer Box review for all your dogs who are toy destroyers and extreme chewers! Every month, dogs with a Super Chewer Box subscription get a different themed box of extra tough dog toys, treats and chews. This month the theme was Knights of Gnawmore: an epic and legendary quest with dragons, sword play, and feast fit for the most daring of knights. Join the adventure by checking out our rundown of this month’s super exciting Super Chewer Box for dogs.

May Super Chewer Box Review

Daisy’s subscription has been customized for her size and food sensitivities, and your dog’s plan can be, too.

Sizes are: “Small but Mighty” for up to 20 pound dogs, “Middle Weight” 20-50 pounds, “Large and in Charge” for dogs 50+ pounds.

Every Super Chewer Box includes $40+ worth of dog stuff:

  • 2 Extremely durable dog toys (plus free toy replacement, no questions asked)
  • 2 Full-size bags of natural dog treats (made in USA)
  • 2 long-lasting meat chews (made in USA)
  • Free US Shipping
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Read on for this month’s Super Chewer Box Review.

Then be sure to use our exclusive coupon code: WOOFWOOFMAMA to get a FREE extra month added to any plan! (yes, even the monthly no commitment plan)

Here’s a breakdown of what was in this month’s Super Chewer Box along with the retail values of each item if purchased separately:

May Super Chewer Box Dog Toys

May Super Chewer Dog Toys Revealed

Blade of Wildfang Dog Toy ($14 retail value) This bacon-scented sword dog toy is made of solid nylon and solid rubber making it strong enough to last through many battles. It’s easy to grip and grab for a satisfying chew. It’s dishwasher safe, too!

Snorba the Dragon Dog Toy ($14 retail value) Not only is this dragon super cute, but he’s got squeakers and a rippable plush outer fabric layer. Once your dog rips it open, they will find a bonus toy inside! A bouncy, vanilla-scented dragon’s egg! Daisy hasn’t ripped hers yet, but here’s a photo from Super Chewer so you can see what’s inside.

May Super Chewer Box Dog Treats

May Super Chewer Dog Treats Revealed

Duck Cuts Dog Treats ($5 retail value) Real duck is the first ingredient in these tasty grain-free dog treats. They also have coconut, chickpea, flaxseed, molasses and natural bbq flavor.

Pork Cuts Dot Treats ($5 retail value) All-natural and grain-free, made in the USA with a single protein source. Nice size, chewy strips. We’ve had these before in our February Super Chewer Box and are happy to get them again!

Salmon Stick Dog Chew ($3 retail value) This yummy limited-ingredient dog treat is made with wholesome ingredients including salmon, pea flour, chickpeas, coconut, tapioca flour, and kale.

Pork Recipe Chew Bar ($3 retail value) This meaty chew bar has textured ridges for a satisfying chew. Pork is the first ingredient and there is a pinch of turmeric for just the right amount of spice.

Both of these chew sticks can be broken into smaller pieces if you like to control your dog’s portion rather than letting them eat the whole stick at once.

Super Chewer Box Toys and Treats Unboxing

Dog moms and dads will be happy to know that, just like with the toys, every Super Chewer treat comes with a happiness guarantee. If you or your dog don’t love something, let them know and Super Chewer will send you something else and help you to personalize your dog’s box for future deliveries.

This month’s Super Chewer Box also came with a fun little dog name generator so you can discover your dog’s Knight Name. Your dog’s Knight Name = (Sir/Dame) + their First Name + the Last Thing You Ate + Your Dog’s Best Bodypart.

Super Chewer Box Cost and Value

By our calculation, this month’s BarkBox Super Chewer edition had $44 worth of dog toys, treats and chews if you were to purchase them all separately. That makes the subscription a real bargain when you consider that plans starts as low as $29/month with free US shipping included.

Plus, these dog toys are designed to be extra durable, for extreme chewers and toy destroyers. And they are original toys designed exclusively for the Bark company, so you can’t buy them anywhere else!

Super Chewer Box Coupon Code

If you’d like to try a Super Chewer Box  for your toy destroyer, visit this link and use Super Chewer coupon code WOOFWOOFMAMA to get a FREE month added to any order of 1-month or longer.

Daisy the Dragonslayer…

Daisy May Super Chewer Box Review with Dragon Dog Toy

February BarkBox Review + Coupon: Dinner Dates Edition

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We’re back with our latest BarkBox review where we show you everything Daisy got in her monthly delivery of dog toys, treats and surprises. February is all about Valentine’s Day and romance, and BarkBox did not disappoint. The theme of this month’s box is Dinner Dates — perfect for a night in with your furry sweetheart, so grab your main squeeze and get cozy. We’re spicing things up with an inside look at this month’s BarkBox for dogs.

As with each month’s dog subscription box from BarkBox, this one included 2 fun toys inspired by the theme, plus 2 full-size bags of dog treats and a tasty meat chew. You can expect a value of $30-$40 worth of dog toys and treats in each month’s BarkBox, for as low as $21/month including Free US Shipping. Read on to see what we thought of our February BarkBox.

Daisy gets the large dog box which is shown in all our BarkBox reviews, but whatever size your dog is, they will get the same number of toys and treats in appropriate sizes. Treats are also customized based on whether you specify food allergies in your dog’s BarkBox profile.

Okay Hot Stuff, we hope you’ll stay for our BarkBox review but if you are just here for the BarkBox coupon, promo code WOOFWOOFMAMA will get you a FREE extra month added to any order of 1-month or more at

February BarkBox Dog Toys

Bae Rito Dog Toy ($10 retail value) I will snuggle up to a burrito any day of the week! This one is a super adorable dog toy with a special surprise inside.

Hot Stuff Dog Toy ($10 retail value) This spicy toy is a big bottle of hot sauce stuffed with a giant squeaker, some crinkle material, and a t-shirt rope for tugging. He even has a “chewtrition” label on his back!

You can really see how much detail, thought and creativity go into the design of each BarkBox dog toy. Always super cute and unique, the BarkBox folks never fail to surprise and delight us with something new in each month’s box. Not every dog gets the same toys in their BarkBox, so here’s a look at some of the variations. Love is definitely on the menu!

February BarkBox Dog Treats

Simple Pork Cuts Dog Treats ($5 retail value) All-natural and grain-free, made in the USA with a single protein source. Nice size, chewy strips.

Simple Lamb Bites Dog Treats ($5 retail value) Made with only two ingredients: freeze-dried lamb and natural pea protein. These are crunchy little bites that are great as training treats.

Pork Stick for Dogs ($3 retail value) Every BarkBox includes one meaty chew stick each month. This simple pork chew is made in the USA with natural ingredients including Pork, Chickpeas, Pea Flour and Coconut.

Part of what we love about getting BarkBox is the fun little extras that are included to match the theme. This one is an adorable sign you can fill out to pose with your dinner date for a photo. Great for sharing on social media or just for capturing the special memory.

This month’s BarkBox was love at first sight, but if you ever receive a toy or treat that doesn’t make you happy or that isn’t suitable for your dog, know that BarkBox will send you a FREE replacement with no questions asked. You don’t even have to send back the unwanted item. They encourage you to donate or share it, and will send you a replacement more to your dog’s liking! It’s part of their Scout’s Honor Satisfaction Guarantee that comes with every delivery.

BarkBox Cost and Value

By our calculation, this month’s BarkBox had $33 worth of dog toys and  treats if you were to purchase them all separately.

That’s a great value when you consider that subscription prices start at $21/month with free US Shipping. And WAY cheaper than a real spa day!

In addition to saving money, we also love the WOW-factor and excitement of getting a new delivery of surprises each month. It’s a chance to discover new dog treats and toys that we might not have known about otherwise. And the BarkBox toys are really Instagram-worthy, making them the perfect photo props in addition to some amazing and unique dog toys!

Visit BarkBox HERE to learn more and customize a box for your dog!

Super Chewer Box End of Year Sale ($84 in Free Dog Toys)

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Super Chewer is bringing the holiday magic of the Peanuts Gang straight to your doggie door! Join by New Year’s Eve, and get a FREE bonus toy in every Super Chewer box – starting with a special Snoopy-themed surprise!

Give your dog a reason to do the Snoopy Dance with this limited-edition Peanuts box inspired by Charlie Brown and the world’s most famous beagle. Don’t miss the chance to get a FREE toy added to every box when you sign up HERE for a 6- or 12-month plan customized for your dog’s size and food sensitivities.

This deal is up to $84 in FREE dog toys. Not just any dog toys, but extra tough dog toys made for extreme chewers! A year of free dog toys means extra fun!

Use this link to get started. FREE US shipping is included. Offer ends 12/31.

Yeti Dog Bowl FREE with Purchase ($40 value)

Some posts may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

UPDATE 8/27: We’ve just heard from Super Chewer that the Yeti Bowl is SOLD OUT so this offer is no longer available.

Instead,  use Super Chewer promo code: WOOFWOOFMAMA at checkout and get a FREE month added to any order (even the monthly, no-commitment plan).

Visit the Super Chewer website HERE to get started.

Expired offer details:

To celebrate National Dog Day, Super Chewer has teamed up with Yeti to make A Limited-Edition Boomer 4 Dog Bowl!

You already know Yeti means quality gear, and the YETI BOOMER Dog Bowl is designed to be as dependable and adventurous as your best friend.

  • FOOD SAFE – The Boomer 4 is perfect for kibble, water, and prime cuts
  • 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL – Puncture resistant, rust resistant, and tough enough to handle any dents and dings
  • BEARFOOT NON-SLIP RING – Won’t budge, no matter how enthusiastically they eat or drink
  • DISHWASHER SAFE – Because you already clean up after them enough

When you sign up for Super Chewer today you’ll receive a FREE Yeti Bowl ($40 Value). This is a very special limited-edition you can’t get anywhere else. Just HERE.

Super Chewer is a Dog Subscription Box designed especially for dogs who are hard on their toys and are extreme chewers. Extra meaty chews + FREE Shipping included!

Celebrate National Dog Day: Click HERE to join Super Chewer & get a free YETI dog bowl  ($40 value) with your first box. Valid 8/26 – 8/27 only.

Just want the dog bowl?

If you are already a Super Chewer Subscriber, or aren’t ready to sign up, you can GO HERE to buy the Yeti Boomer Dog bowl in your choice of 7 colors.