Fun and Tasty Bugsy’s Box – New Mystery Box Subscription for Dogs!

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Bugsy's Box mystery box subscription for dogs

There’s a new monthly box subscription service for dogs called Bugsy’s Box and Daisy had the chance to check it out! If you aren’t already familiar with box subscriptions, you do NOT know what you are missing! There are all kinds of box subscription services these days with themes ranging from beauty items, to healthy snacks for people, to ones like Bugsy’s Box with fun stuff for dogs.

Each Bugsy’s Box includes 5 to 7 items with a variety of hand-selected dog treats, toys, grooming items and more surprises such as coupons and other random bonus inclusions. Different items are chosen for each month.

The idea is to let pet parents spoil our dogs with exclusive and high quality specialty items that are different from what you find in stores, at less than retail cost. You save time and money, and get to try stuff you wouldn’t normally know about…that’s really the best part about all the mystery box services we’ve tried – discovering so much cool new stuff!

examples of products in Bugsy's Box for dogs

And speaking of cool new stuff, the box we received had LOTS! We LOVE the Viva La Dog Spa Facial Wipes, made from cotton just like at the spa, with chamomile, rosemary, raspberry and sage. So luxurious! And there were also so special Halloween-themed treats in SPOOKtacular scary shapes, from Barkaroo Bakery, and fancy Spoil Me Rotten hand-crafted, organic gourmet biscuits that smell and taste just like a fruit smoothie!

We were also super excited to receive a few items from Warren London, a brand we recognize but haven’t had the chance to try yet. I’m looking forward to using the Fizz Tablet in Daisy’s bath soon and giving her a PAWdicure!

Petlou Monkey Stick

No box subscription for dogs would be complete without including a fabulous toy and Daisy was not disappointed! She spotted the Pelou Monkey Stick as soon as we opened the box and could not keep her paws off it! She seriously does not want to let go of it and loves the crinkle noises and squeaky sounds it makes as well as how soft it is. I even caught her “talking” to her new monkey pal with the funniest hound dog noises I’ve ever heard her make! It does have stuffing in it so we have to be careful not to let her rip it open, which she is prone to do…it’s a good idea to supervise your dog with toys if they are hard on them. Both for safety and to make toys last longer!

If you’d like to order a Bugsy’s Box for your own pup or set up a gift order for that special furry friend, there are 3 different subscription options. You can select the monthly option at $29, the 3-month plan for $63, or the best value: the 6-month plan for $102 (42% OFF).

As a special discount for our readers and pals, Bugsy is  offering 10% OFF your first month of the Bugsy’s Box Monthly Plan. Just make sure to use Bugsy’s Box Promo Code WOOFWOOFMAMA when you order! Visit for more info and to start your order!

Mystery Box for Dogs $32 Shipped ($64 value) + Extra $5 OFF for New Customers!

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mystery box for dogs

Score a box of loot for your dog with this new DoggyLoot Mystery Box deal! We don’t know what is in there this time, but you can see what we got last time we ordered one.

The offer promises 5 unique products including an assortment of chews, treats, and toys worth $64 for just $32 including shipping  and you can order at doggyloot while the deal lasts.

If you  haven’t already done so, signup for doggyloot deals here and get a free $5 instant credit to use toward your first order. That makes YOUR final cost only $27 including shipping!!!

20% Off Pawalla Mystery Box for Cat or Dog w/ Promo Code!

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Pawalla Box promo code

Daisy recently had the opportunity to try out a Pawalla Box and you can read all about it in our Pawalla Box Review post here. I just wanted to remind you that FREE Shipping is included and as readers and fans, YOU can get 20% Off your first box when you use our exclusive Pawalla Promo Code: WOOFWOOF at checkout. It’s super easy and saves you $5.20 as you can see here:

woofwoof coupon code for Pawalla Box

I also wanted to give you a Sneak Peek at what’s inside the Cat Pawalla box, since last time we only focused on Daisy’s box which was obviously for dogs. It’s just to give you an idea, since items will change and the whole point is that it’s a surprise mystery box of fun and yummy stuff…but as you can see, it’s as packed full of good stuff as Daisy’s was!

display of items in the Pawalla Box for cats

Whether you have a cat or a dog, or looking for a unique gift idea, Pawalla Box is a PAW-tastic choice! You can order 1 month or start a monthly subscription. Remember to use the Pawalla Coupon Code: WOOFWOOF to get your 20% Discount just for being a pal of Daisy and reader of my blog!

We Got a Visit from the Fairy Hobmother! You Could Be Next!

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fairy hobmother

In case you hadn’t heard, there is a Fairy Hobmother who has been flitting and flying around the blogosphere, spreading joy and surprising bloggers with gifts! Well he (YES the Fairy Hobmother is a “he” named Matthew) paid a visit to Daisy and me and made our day with the generous gift of an Amazon Gift Card!

You already know that Daisy and I LOVE to shop for bargains and that Amazon Pet Deals are some of our favorites! But what to get with our unexpected windfall? Daisy is rooting for toys of course…KONG, Nylabone, Bionic Pet, Chuckit! and anything else tough and durable! But I’ve been saving up ALL my Amazon Gift Cards for an iPad and this gift just about puts me over the top!

The Fairy Hobmother will be stopping back by to see who has left us a comment and possibly select YOUR Blog for a visit and gift, too! So leave us a note along with a link to your blog and tell us what you think we should get! Daisy already has LOTS of toys, but Mama has never had an iPad…just sayin’!

{HOT Pet Deal} Join DoggyLoot and Get FREE $5 Instant Credit Toward Mystery Box Deal!

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DoggyLoot Mystery Box Deal

If you missed out on the previous DoggyLoot Mystery Box Deal, here’s another chance to get a box full of cool dog stuff, delivered straight to your door at more than HALF Off Retail Value. They are offering 3 different size Mystery Boxes depending on how many surprise items you’d like to receive for your dog: small (5 items), medium (7 items), large (9 items). Go here to view the DoggyLoot Mystery Box Deal now.

You can read our post here on what we received in our DoggyLoot Mystery Box last time, but keep in mind that it will be a surprise and items will be different!

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to signup for Doggloot from this link and receive a Free $5 Instant Credit you can use toward your first deal from Doggyloot. They offer a new daily deal each morning on something cool for dogs at greatly discounted prices.