11 Free Kindle Books: Leash Manners, Family Camping Handbook & More For Pets and People

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There are loads of new FREE Kindle Editions available today for download over at Amazon that I thought would be of interest to pet parents plus a few other fun titles I thought looked cool. Remember that prices change frequently over at Amazon, so act quickly and be sure you verify each book is still $0.00 before confirming your order. 

free kindle dog books & more

Once you add them to your reading library, they are yours to keep and read anytime, even after they return to regular price, and you can read Kindle Books on just about any SmartPhone, Tablet, PC or device!

Free Kindle Books About Dogs:

Circling the Waggins; How 5 Misfit Dogs Saved Me from Bewilderness $0.00 ($4.99 reg)
Leash Manners: Learn How to Leash Train Your Puppy $0.00 ($2.99 reg)
Dogs, dogs, Dogs $0.00 ($1.50 reg)
How To Walk A Dog – All You Need To Know To Avoid Catastrophes $0.00 ($0.99 reg)
Puppy Love on a Budget $0.00 ($0.99 reg)
Parade of Misfits $0.00 ($0.99 reg)

Free Kindle Books About Cooking, Canning & Crafting:

Canning & Preserving Food Like A Pro: The Simplest Guide To Preserve & Freeze $0.00 ($5.17 reg)
Organic Food: Eating Organic on a Budget $0.00 ($4.99 reg)
The Family Camping Handbook: Real Food in the Big Woods $0.00 ($4.95 reg)
Craft Business Power: 15 Days To A Profitable Online Craft Business $0.00 ($2.99 reg)
Home Canning Food For Beginners (Preparedness Guides) $0.00 ($2.99 reg)

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