Most Popular Dog Names List + Vote For Your Favorites!

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popular names for dogs

If you’re thinking about adopting a puppy soon and need name ideas, or are just curious about how popular your own dog’s name is, check out the list of top dog names over at Updated regularly, they keep a database of over 5,000 puppy dog names.

You can find your dog’s name on the list and click the heart next to it to vote it up in popularity. If you don’t see your dog’s name, you can submit it to be added to the list! There’s also a fun list of top celebrity canines and some really cute videos. also has great resources including info about recent pet food recalls, dietary advice, and a Pet Symptom Checker where you can read online pet health articles from their animal care experts.


  1. Dakota is actually 847 (now that I voted) I sort of like that, I am glad not many dogs have his name 🙂  

  2. These lists always make me feel like I must know a lot of dogs since I know at least two with all of these names! Well, except “Hawkeye.” Really? “Hawkeye?”

  3. Hi i would name my dog Kayla because i think it is a really cute name to name a little doggy

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