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How To Speak Dog: National Geographic Book Review

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Ever wish you could talk to your dog? I talk to Daisy all the time, but must confess that I don’t always know what SHE is trying to tell me! Now we can all learn to decode dog language, thanks to How To Speak Dog, A Guide To Decoding Dog Language, a new book about pet behavior from National Geographic. It’s being released today, and we were super excited to receive an early copy and have been thoroughly enjoying the photos, along with great info and helpful tips from authors Aline Alexander Newman & Gary Weitzman, D.V.M.

how to speak dog

Although the book is categorized as a kid’s book, I strongly recommend it for every pet parent and all members of the family. Whether you’re a first-timer or have years of experience caring for dogs, you are guaranteed to learn something new that will help you understand dog behavior and the signals dogs send through body language, poses and facial expressions. It’s also set up in a way that is perfect for reading aloud and discussing together in a fun and entertaining way.

For example, one section in the book is titled ‘Telling Tales’.  It details what different tail positions and movements mean. Each section of the book covers a topic using great photos, entertaining text, fun facts, Vet Tips from Dr. Gary and then each topic end with ‘What Is This Dog Saying?’ where you’re presented with a Doggie Dilemma scenario to translate and address, then a sidebar of Training Tips. Topics include Body Talk, Read My Face, Hound Sounds, and several more.

How to Speak Dog: A Guide to Decoding Dog Language is available now in paperback ($12.95 list price). It’s currently on sale at Amazon and you can go here to view the current price and check out some sample pages. You may want to pick up a few extra copies, as it makes an excellent holiday gift idea or Thank You present for a special pet sitter, dog walker or other VIP (very important pet person) in your dog’s life!

The Omni Diet: New Book and Program for Weight Loss, Health and Well-Being

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As you may already know, the hubby and I have been losing weight and getting healthier together. We’ve been on the Nutrisystem program for the past 30 weeks and it’s been great! You can read our weekly weight loss updates for more info on that. Since our time on the plan is coming to an end soon, I’ve been doing loads of research and reading about different types of eating plans and diets, since we won’t be receiving packaged food anymore and want to stay on track with our progress so far. We also want to start learning more about eating the right kinds of foods for overall health. It turned out to be perfect timing when I received a review copy of the new book, The Omni Diet by Tana Amen.

the omni diet book

You may have seen The Omni Diet on The Today Show or other talk show recently…that’s how I first heard about it. The book and program are based on a formula of 70% plants including fruits and veggies, and 30% protein from lean meat sources and nuts. There’s no dairy, sugars, processed foods or grains permitted. The goal of the program is to help you lose weight, reverse disease and fight inflammation.

The author is a registered nurse and designed this plan based on her own health issues and experiences with chronic conditions including thyroid cancer and severe digestive issues. Her diet is based on the concept of eating real foods with lots of flavor and is NOT a deprivation diet. The focus is on eating calorie-burning proteins and illness-fighting plant-based foods rather than on calorie restriction like some diets.

The plan itself is easy to follow, although some of the recipes have a lot of ingredients…that’s just a personal observation from someone who gets easily overwhelmed by too many choices and ingredients, but the concept and overall program makes sense. It’s more of an overall well-being plan than a traditional diet book and some of the goals of the program include:

  • Decrease inflammation
  • Optimize brain function
  • Eat high-quality, nutrient-dense calories
  • Decrease feelings of hunger and deprivation
  • Balance hormones and break food addictions
  • Increase energy and overall well-being

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