Nutrisystem Week 7 Update: Shakes and Cinnamon Rolls! #NSNation

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breakfast with nutrisystem

I was never much of a breakfast person before starting the Nutrisystem¬†program, but I find myself becoming a big fan! Last week, I tried the new frozen breakfast burrito entree, and this week I had my first Cinnamon Roll along with a yummy chocolate protein shake. If I’d known I could eat pastries and drink shakes every morning and still lose weight, I would have started eating breakfast a long time ago!

The shakes are easy to make in the handy blender cup that Nutrisystem sends, and my favorites are chocolate and coffee. They’re meant to be a breakfast item, but I sometimes save mine for later in the day depending on my schedule and mood. And the cinnamon roll is even more delicious than I’d imagined…very much like the yummy Cinnabon ones you can get at the mall or airport!

Nutrisystem Cinnamon Roll

I love that we are 7 weeks into the program and I’m still discovering new food items! ¬†They definitely have enough options to keep things interesting! We just placed our next food order and I reordered a bunch of my favorites, but am also excited about trying a few more new entrees!

Woof Woof Papa wants me to let you know that he got back on track and has recovered from his Thanksgiving feasting! He’d gained some pounds the week after Thanksgiving and has managed to drop them again quickly. Having a reliable and easy plan in place, that we know is working, really helps…so THANKS to Nutrisystem for that!

So how did we do this week? Here’s our week #7 update:

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