Varsity Ball: World’s Toughest Dog Toy – Guaranteed Indestructible {Daisy Tested!}

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If your dog is like Daisy you are probably sick of spending money on dog toys, only to have them destroyed as soon as you get them home. Not only is it a waste of money, but there is always the risk of your dog eating the pieces of the toy once they’ve ripped it apart.

We’d heard about Varsity Ball and their 110% Guaranteed indestructible toy and were super excited at the invitation for Daisy and her boyfriend Fin to put it to the test. If you aren’t already familiar with it, Varsity Ball is a dog toy designed for use by large, athletic, and high-energy dogs such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherd Dogs, Mastiffs, Labrador Retrievers and more.  It’s perfect as a toy for herding dogs, a toy for working dogs, a toy for big dogs, a toy for tough dogs, a toy for athletic dogs, or a toy for high-energy dogs.

Not only do many police dog trainers use it with their dogs, but it’s also even been tested in zoos! They’ve sold thousands, with zero busted. Check out the 1-minute video to see what I mean:

Now Daisy is only about 50 pounds, and Fin is 75lbs but the two of them together can destroy almost anything. So I took the Varsity Ball to our dog park and let them have at it! They ran, they chased, they jumped on it and even tried to eat it. As you can see…they fought the ball, but THE BALL WON!

Daisy and Fin test the indestructible dog toy Varsity Ball

That’s what you want in a dog toy…for it to last longer than the dogs playing with it, and really tire them out. As they say, a tired dog is a GOOD dog!  Daisy also really enjoys “herding” it around inside our place on rainy days (which we have a lot of right now). Basically, if you want something to both entertain and exercise your dog, then you can’t go wrong with Varsity Ball. And don’t worry if yellow isn’t your thing. It also comes in white and orange.

indestructible ball for dogs in orange, yellow or white

Varsity Balls are made in the USA and are 110% guaranteed to be indestructible – if your dog breaks it, they’ll replace the ball plus 10% of your purchase price! 

If you’d like to get one for your dog, they are available at Varsity Pets for $39.99 plus $11.99 for shipping. Don’t freak out about the cost of shipping…the ball is LARGE (12″ in diameter) and heavy-duty (3.5 pounds) so it costs more to ship, but is totally worth it considering their indestructible-ness! It also makes a great gift for those big dogs in your family! Visit for more product info and details about the guarantee.

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Last Chance Pet Coupon, Freebies and Rebate Roundup – August

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Coupon Roundup

Daisy and her boyfriend Fin want to remind you that it’s almost the end of the month which means the end for lots of great printable coupons! Here’s a roundup to help save you time and make it easier to find the coupons you want before they disappear…expiration dates will vary so print them now and watch for store coupons and sales to stack them with for extra savings! I’ve also thrown in a few freebies and rebate reminders:

daisy and fin

Daisy and Fin taking a break!

Get the 10 NEWEST Printable Coupons Here:

Kyjen Puzzle Toy for Dogs $9 or $14 Shipped ($24 reg.)!

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Kyjen Puzzle Toy for Dogs, Hide A Squirrel, Hide A Bird, Hide a Bee, kyjen, dog toy

Snag a PAW-tastic deal on an adorable and FUN Kyjen Puzzle Toy for your dog! These are a Daisy favorite and we love them so much, we even gave one to Daisy’s boyfriend Fin (he’s a squirrel NUT)!

Each plush, interactive toy set comes with three squirrels, three bees, or three birds and either a tree stump, a beehive, or a birdhouse for hiding the squeaker toys! Just put the squeaker toys inside and then your pup tries to take them out. It’s great for teaching impulse control and “leave it” as well as just a boatload of laughs as the dog tries to get the critters out of their holes! We also use it to practice “wait” while Daisy sits somewhat-patiently as I put the toys back in after she gets them out! Also good for “drop it”. This is for SUPERVISED play…not to be left lying around, as it contains small parts and stuffing!

The deal is for one Hide A Squirrel, Hide A Bird, or Hide a Bee Kyjen Puzzle Toy for $14 including Free Shipping ($24 reg). It gets even better because, if you haven’t already done so, join DoggyLoot here and get a FREE $5 Instant Credit to use toward your first order. That makes your final cost only $9 including shipping!

If they sell out or the deal has ended by the time you are here reading this, not to worry! You can find more Kyjen Puzzle Toys at Amazon starting from around $10 with Free Shipping on orders of $25+ or Free 2-Day Shipping with no minimum for Amazon Prime/Mom/Student Members!

Wordless Wednesday: Daisy and Pals Beat the Heat with a Swim

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Daisy, Fin and Stella at Dog Lake

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Wordless Wednesday: Daisy and Her Boyfriend Fin on a Hot Date!

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You know it’s hot out when Daisy and Fin meet up for a play date and just lie around in the shade! They sure do enjoy spending time together!

hot day at the park with Fin and Daisy

daisy and fin hot day park