How to Save on Pet Meds, Dental Products and Grooming Tools

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how to save on pet meds

Your veterinarian is the best and most reliable source for knowing which pet medications, treatments and other health & wellness products you should be using with your dog, cat or other critter but they aren’t always the least expensive source for buying them.

There are some steps you can take to save money while making sure you use what the doctor orders (or recommends). We’ve put together a few tips every frugal pet parent can use. Check them out and leave a comment at the end of the article, to share your own money-saving tips with us, too!

How to Save on Pet Meds, Dental Care and Grooming Tools

Ask about generics or less expensive substitutions: a good veterinarian will be sensitive to your concerns about cost, and will be able to explain your options. Often times, there is a generic equivalent for pet meds, just as there is with human pharmaceuticals, and that can really help save you money.

Ask if your veterinarian will price-match if you bring a print out or proof of lower online prices: every office and practice is different, but at Daisy’s vet, they offer price matching for 2 specific online discount pet med sites. It makes it convenient, because I can buy what she needs right there, but still take advantage of lower online prices. Because they are the sites the vet’s office honors, I also know which ones they consider legit for times I DO order online (lots of websites sell pet meds, but only certain ones have the proper certifications, so do your homework)

Know which prescription medicines are FREE: Our veterinarian actually clued us in to this one! Daisy needed an antibiotic one time, and it happened to be one that Publix (our regional grocery chain) has on their list of Free Prescription Medicines. So the Doc wrote out the Rx for Daisy and sent us over there. I was worried the pharmacist would think we were pulling some kind of scam, but she explained that it was perfectly fine and the system was there for customers to use whether for their human family members or their fur kids! (Always discuss with your veterinarian before filling a pet prescription at a human pharmacy. And always make sure the pharmacist is aware that the prescription is written for a dog or cat, etc). Many regional and national chains have their own lists of free meds for customers, so be sure to check.

Always search for promo codes when buying pet meds & supplies online: online prices are typically already discounted and significantly cheaper than at the vet’s office or local chain stores. Stack some added savings by searching online for promo codes (also called coupon codes) when ordering from the web. A great place to start is right here on our blog! Just click here for all our recent Pet Promo Code Posts or use our Search box in the right hand sidebar. You can also post a request on our Facebook page if you want help finding a specific promo code, or email us!

Save with ebates or other cash back and loyalty programs: We’ve posted about several times and I use it ALWAYS! I’ve earned hundreds of dollars in cash back rebates and Amazon gift codes, just by starting my online shopping from ebates and using their links to popular stores including PetSmart, Petco, PetCareRx and more. Also be sure to take advantage of loyalty rewards programs like the Petco PALS rewards, where you earn 5% cash back on everything you spend in-store and online.

Check for Rebate Offers: Search on Google and/or check the manufacturer’s website for special rebate offers and forms. Sometimes I also find rebate offers on the reception counter at the vet’s office or by the cash register at the pet store.

Stack Coupons with other in-store deals or learn to stack discounts online: Savvy savers already know to watch the store flyers for sales and that you can almost always use both a Store Coupon and a Manufacturer’s Coupon on a single item (coupon stacking), but have you tried stacking online deals for extra savings? You can combine several of the tips above when you place an online order, and really maximize your discount! Check it out:

how to stack online discounts and promo codes

We hope you find these tips helpful, and that they save you money next time you need to buy pet medicines, health & wellness products, grooming supplies or anything else to keep your fur kids happy and healthy! After all, the more money we save on necessities, the more we have to spend on treats, toys and other FUN stuff!

Got any questions, or other tips and suggestions? Leave us a comment to share them below!

Recipes For What’s On Sale This Week: Save Time And Money

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Four-Legged Frugality: The Pet Supplies Easy Savings Guide {FREE Book Download!}

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