Spot & Tango Giveaway: Win Fresh Dog Food Delivery Service!

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Spot and Tango Dog Food Giveaway

Happy New Year, dog lovers! The new year is a great time to refocus and simplify your life, and our first giveaway of the new year will help you do just that!

Spot & Tango is a personalized dog food delivery service, offering fresh pet food made with human-grade, locally sourced ingredients, cooked to order in their USDA certified kitchen just days before arriving at your door. It takes all the hassles out of feeding your dog freshly cooked, healthy meals. No grocery shopping, cooking or cleanup required.

Daisy has been enjoying her first order and you can read all about it and snag a discount in our full Spot & Tango Review here.

Spot & Tango Dog Food Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive 2 weeks of Spot & Tango Fresh Dog Food delivered straight to your door!

Use the contest widget below to claim as many entries as you can before the giveaway ends at 11:59pm ET on Sunday, January 19th. The giveaway is open to US residents, age 18+. Good Luck everybody!
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Balance by bistroMD: Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Door (Because Pet Parents Should Eat Well Too!)

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Ever feel like you take better care of your fur kids than you do of yourself? You’re not alone! Whether you are too busy, or just tired of adulting, home food delivery has become a popular alternative to cooking. Woof Woof Papa and I love to cook but often get tired of meal planning, shopping and the prep-work that goes into making healthy meals. And our schedules mean that we don’t always have time to cook and eat at the same time. Sometimes it just seems easier to grab takeout or order delivery, and that isn’t the healthiest or most economical way to eat.

We were recently invited to try the meals from Balance by bistroMD. It’s the first meal delivery service to offer chef-prepared meals a-la-carte, without the constraint of minimums, memberships, or recurring orders. The top-rated diet delivery and weight loss program, bistroMD, created this subscription-free service to provide healthy meals with convenience and flexibility.

Balance by bistroMD fits health-conscious lifestyles, whether you’re trying to lose weight, adhere to a specialty diet such as gluten free, or just want to eat healthy without the struggle. When we went to their website to place our first order, we were impressed with the wide variety of over 100 meals and snacks available, and prices start at just $5.95.

The ordering process is super easy…the only hard part was deciding which meals to get, because they all looked so good! To narrow down the choices, you can filter meals by diet type, including Low Sodium, Heart Healthy, Gluten Free, Diabetic Meals and other options. We ordered a few breakfast items, because we are trying to do better at not skipping breakfast. And we also ordered a variety of lunches and dinners, too. Everything arrived within a few days, shipped in an insulated cooler packed with dry ice. Even though the box sat out on our porch in the South Florida heat for most of the morning, all the meals were still frozen when I unpacked everything.

In addition to doing the cooking and delivering your meals straight to your door, the folks at Balance by bistroMD also send the instructions and info you need to make the most of your food delivery. For example, although you can microwave the meals straight from the freezer, they recommend you move your upcoming day of meals to the fridge the night before to thaw for more even reheating. They also suggest that you place your entree on a plate because visualization is an important part of dining.

This was my attempt to plate the Ham and Cheese Frittata. It came with a side of peaches with a tasty whole grain granola crumble. I added avocado slices because I cannot go a day without eating avocado! Although I can see the logic in their suggestion to plate the meals to make the dining experience more enjoyable, most times we opted for convenience over aesthetics, and just ate our meals straight out of the BPA-free microwavable trays they came in. Less dishes to wash!

Overall, we were impressed with our order and happy to have a week of no meal planning or prep. The nice thing about the service is that there is no commitment or subscription required. You can order when you feel like you need a break from cooking, or need a little extra help with eating healthy. It’s also a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member, and would be great as a Housewarming present or Mother’s Day gift, too!

Balance by bistroMD Coupon Code

Right now is a great time to try it because you can get 20% OFF with Balance by bistroMD coupon code: SAVE20 at checkout. You also get Free Shipping on orders of $99+. Head on over to to learn more about how it works and try it for yourself. Less time spent cooking means more time (and energy) to play with the fur kids!

Recipes For What’s On Sale This Week: Save Time And Money

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I received an invitation to help spread the word about a brand new app launching soon! It’s called ShopPerk and it helps you plan meals while saving time and lets you create shopping lists by showing you recipes based on what’s on sale each week.

recipes for what's on sale this week

Use ShopPerk to compare stores in your area to find the best selection and the biggest savings. Find recipes and ideas that leave you more time, more money and more energy to spend on what you truly love.

shopperk app

The more you use ShopPerk, the smarter it gets, making each trip to the store easier and more rewarding.  Signup here to request an early invite for yourself!

Nutrisystem Week 5 Update: New Foods + Tips for Thanksgiving! #NSNation

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Nutrisystem breakfast burritoWe received our month 2 food delivery from Nutrisystem last week, and got some yummy new items including a tasty and filling Breakfast Burrito! Also loving the new desserts, but more about that in a future update! One of the things I really enjoy on the Nutrisystem program is the variety. We get to stock up on our favorite foods (pizza for me and cheesy home style potatoes for the hubby) plus try new ones from the large menu of options.

While things are going really well and I’m super pleased with our progress, I have been a bit worried about staying on track as we head deep into what I like to refer to as “the holiday eating season”. That’s the time of year that starts around Halloween and runs through New Year’s.

To help, the folks over at Nutrisystem sent us some Diet-friendly Tips for Thanksgiving! That’s another thing I really like about the program…it’s not just about the food. We also get support, advice, tools and tips to help us change the habits and eating issues that led to our weight problems in the first place.

A few Thanksgiving Diet Tips and Strategies we are planning to follow (they work for everyone, not just Nutrisytem members):

  • If you’re cooking, keep your bottle of water with you in the kitchen, so you’re less tempted to snack.
  • Stay away from the appetizer table. We’ll substitute raw vegetables since those are unlimited!
  • Instead of just sitting around after dinner, take a family walk, or organize a touch-football game. We plan to take Daisy for an extra long walk!
  • Don’t skip meals in an attempt to “bank” calories. Instead, eat everything on your meal plan leading up to the holiday event to help stay on track.

Since most of us dieters will still want to indulge in some of the traditional Thanksgiving favorites, here are some portion guideline to keep in mind:

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Nutrisystem Week 2 Update: Food Log, Weight Loss Tracker and Apps #NSNation

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trackers and tools
Woof Woof Papa and I just finished our second week on the Nutrisystem weight loss program and we’re already starting to see results. Last week I told you about what to expect when your first Nutrisystem food order arrives and how we got started by organizing everything. Although it can seem overwhelming at first, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at how simple the system is to follow!

What’s really been helping us learn the program and stay on top of everything is all the fun and easy to use apps, trackers and other online tools Nutrisystem provides for members. I’ve already done a quick live chat with an online counselor when I had a question about my favorite Chobani yogurt and she was super friendly and helpful (more exciting news about Chobani soon!!!).

Chat with Nutrisystem counselor

What I like most so far is how I can log my info on either my laptop, iPad or phone depending where I am and what I’m doing…once you’ve created your online profile, it all syncs together to save the information in one place! So helpful since keeping tabs on what you eat and when is essential to staying on track. It’s not necessary to memorize everything since it’s all laid out so nicely, that the log also serves as a meal planner. You can use it to decide what to eat by browsing the options, and then record what you ate by adding items.  Here’s what the phone app looks like when you are in the meal planner section:

Nutrisystem food log screenshot

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