Will Work for Green Beans: ‘High-Value’ Treats Don’t Have to be High-Priced

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Daisy crazy for green beans

We love cookies and treats around here, and although we indulge from time to time,  most are too high in calories and a bit too pricey to be used in large quantity as every day training treats.

Since we use positive reinforcement for training Daisy, it’s important to have something on hand that she really loves and will work for (professional trainers call this a “high-value treat”) but that is also healthy, low in calories and won’t break the bank.

For some dogs this is cheerios, for others it’s small bits of cheese, but for Daisy it’s green beans. At some point I started to notice that we could get Daisy to do just about anything for a bite of green bean. In fact, she “sits” without being told, at the mere site of them! We are big believers in the “Nothing in Life is Free” concept when it comes to pets, training and treats so she learned quickly that in order to get a treat, she needs to DO something good or interesting.

Daisy green beans


The only downside is that cooked beans are a bit too messy to keep in my pocket when we are out and about, so we stick to tiny bits of freeze-fried beef liver treats that can be purchased in bulk and broken or cut into smaller pieces, when on the go to reward good behavior…but at home, I always keep an extra container full of steamed, plain green beans in the fridge just for Daisy! I’ve also tricked her into believing that getting her teeth brushed is a reward but more about that later! Just wanted to share this quick money saving tip while I was thinking about it!

Other low-cost treats that Daisy loves include frozen banana slices, boiled bits of sweet potato, watermelon cubes and this dog treat recipe I made up for Frozen Brown Rice Crunchies! Leave a comment and let us know what food or treat your dog will work hardest to get!