Nutrisystem Update Week 19: Blame It On The Margaritas!

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Did you celebrate National Margarita Day yesterday? We sure did! That’s my margarita from last night there in the photo. I’d like to tell you that I only had one, and that I did not eat those chips, but I really love a great margarita on the rocks with salt on the rim, so you can already guess that I didn’t stop at just one…and yes, I ate the chips. And a big plate of amazing Mexican food! Woof Woof Papa was there too…and he said it’s ok to tell you that he over-indulged as well. You get the picture, I’ll spare you all the gory details.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta cut loose…footloose. I’ve got that song stuck in my head now, just writing it. Speaking of songs, we love our margaritas so much down here in Florida that there’s even a Blame It On The Margaritas song that’s popular with the locals. Check it out. You can listen to it while you read our post:


Did we both gain weight? Yes, but luckily just a little bit, and we’re blaming it on the margaritas. We figure it was worth it to have some fun and enjoy a rare meal out at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We never eat that way on a regular basis anymore and I can’t believe that we ever used to! Plus, we’re right back on track today with our Nutrisystem┬áprogram, thank goodness. That’s a main difference between what’s working for us now versus everything we tried in the past. We’ve got a safety net so one evening of going off the rails doesn’t result in a ginormous train wreck.

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