New US Postage Stamps Honor Military Dogs

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Dog lovers and stamp collectors listen up! The US Postal Service is honoring the nation’s brave and loyal military working dogs with a new booklet of 20 stamps.

Each block of four stamps features a stamp of the following breeds: German shepherd, Labrador retriever, Belgian Malinois and Dutch shepherd. These dog breeds are the four-legged heroes that most commonly serve in America’s armed forces.

These are going to be Forever Stamps, meaning that you’ll be able to stock up as soon as they are available, and use them even when the price of postage goes up.

Along with a dog illustration, each stamp includes red, white, blue and gold features “to represent the American flag and patriotism.”

Read the full announcement to learn more about all upcoming stamp releases.

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Send Your Pup Through the U.S. Mail…On a Real Postage Stamp!

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Print your pet on real US stamps is having a Free Shipping Promo, but what really caught my eye was that you can use any of your own photos to create completely customized stamps that are fully authorized by the US Postal Service.

This would be great for sending out Thank You Notes, Birthday Cards, Wedding Invites, etc. Or, they would make a great thoughtful and creative gift for a friend or family member. I’m thinking how cute they would be with Daisy’s goofy mug! If you are in a hurry, you can also print postage from home without photos, but what fun would that be!?!

custom pet photo stamps on envelopes

The site will walk you through the easy steps to order your own custom photo postage (yes, these are REAL US Stamps), and you’ll see the Free Shipping Offer when you arrive at their homepage from this link.