Pet Recall: Waggin’ Train, Canyon Ranch and Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky and Treats

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pet treat recall chicken jerky from china

There’s breaking news today about a voluntary recall of some big name brands of dog treats including Waggin’ Train, Canyon Ranch and Milo’s Kitchen. Read about the pet recall information here.

As you may already know, there have been ongoing concerns about pet safety warnings relating to dog treats and chicken jerky including several well-known brands, some made in China and sold in the US. While the cause and facts remain in dispute and under investigation by the FDA and other groups, we’ve made a point of being VERY picky about what treats we feed Daisy. We’ve made the decision not to give her anything unless it’s made in the USA, and are also staying away from all chicken treats and jerky until more information is available. Be sure to read those labels! And, if you have questions or concerns about what to feed or treat your pet, the best source of information is to ask your veterinarian!