Important Halloween Safety Tips For Pet Parents

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Halloween pet safety tips

We hope everyone is getting ready for a super fun and spooky evening of parties & trick-or-treating! Just wanted to give you a few reminders and tips to help keep your pets safe this Halloween:

The Door: Holidays like this one can be stressful for fur kids with lots of ghouls and goblins knocking on the door and ringing the bell. The last thing you want is to spend your Halloween searching for your lost pet because they got scared and bolted when the door was open. Even if your dog or cat isn’t ordinarily a door dasher, consider putting pets in the bedroom or use a baby gate to keep them safe and more relaxed.

ID Tags: I know lots of people don’t make their pets wear their collars once they are in for the night, but on the off chance that your dog or cat does make a run for it, you’ll want to be sure they are wearing their ID tag with your current contact information. Better safe than sorry!

Candles: Avoid the risk of your fur kid burning their nose, paws or tail by using flameless candles to illuminate that carved pumpkin you worked so hard on. It’s safer for the human kiddos traipsing around in costumes, too!

Glow Sticks: If you decide to use glow sticks in your pumpkin or your kiddos are carrying them instead of flashlights, be sure not to let the dog get a hold of them or they can end up with a big tummy ache! Make sure that you use glow sticks labeled “non-toxic” if you decide to go that route.

Candy: You probably already know that chocolate is dangerous for dogs, but also watch out for any sugar-free treats since the ingredient Xylitol can also be toxic. And don’t stop being vigilant once Halloween is over…we all know that kids (and parents) like to stash some candy away in their favorite hiding place and you don’t want the fur kid sniffing around and getting a hold of it later!

Emergency Pet Info: Always make sure to keep the ASPCA 24 Hour Animal Poison Control Hotline phone number handy. Order a FREE fridge magnet here for the future, and write it down for now. It’s 888-426-4435. And be sure to find out ahead of time, the address, location and phone number of a local after-hours emergency pet clinic or 24 hour animal hospital. This is also important year-round and not just at holidays like Halloween, and can save time in an emergency when every second counts!

Anxiety: Despite your best efforts, your pet may be super stressed on Halloween, so be prepared with a few calming aids. We like ThunderShirt and ThunderSpray (available for both dogs and cats) as well as Through a Dog’s Ear: Music to Calm Your Canine Companion (you get the MP3 album for free instantly when you order the CD). We also keep a bottle of Bach Pet Rescue Remedy on hand (you can pick it up at Whole Foods if you want it today).

Hectic Holidays? Plan Pet Sitting Now To Save Stress Later!

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hectic holidays pets

The holiday season can be an especially stressful time for both humans and the fur kids. Schedules are crazy and whether you’re staying home or traveling out of town, you can help make things a little easier by enlisting a pet sitter to give you a hand! The best pet care providers usually book up early, so you’ll want to do your research now and maybe arrange a few meet & greets with potential sitters soon so you don’t have to stress about it later.

If you’re staying in town for the holidays, you might not have considered all the ways that having a reliable dog sitter can come in handy. Whether you’ve got out of town guests coming to stay, or lots of late night party plans, a pet sitter can help for a few hours or a few days. Many even do pick up and drop off service, which can be a real time saver if you’ve got a lot of social obligations, kid’s concerts, cooking & cleaning or other commitments that come with the season. And you’ll feel better knowing your fur kid get the care and attention they deserve!

Right now you can save $25 OFF your first booking with so it’s a great opportunity to give them a try. It’s super easy to get started. You can create a FREE online profile for your dog, then browse for sitters by price and location. Be sure to use the Rover promo code WWM25 to get $25 OFF. Just visit to check it all out.

Want to EARN some extra $$$ for the holidays? Check out our post about how to make money as a pet sitter!

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Back to School Sale and Pet Deals at Only Natural Pet Store!

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Back to School time can be stressful for parents, kiddos and even your pets! Only Natural Pet Store is offering 10% off on products like Separation Anxiety Cures, Puzzle Toys, Chews and even Doggie Backpacks. So whether your fur kids stay home alone during the school year, or go off to Day Care, you can stock up and save on items to help keep them happy and occupied. Be sure to use the Only Natural Pet Store Promo Code BACK2SCHOOL and order by 8/31/12!

Daisy Tested and Approved: Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment Wrap – Cute Pink or Blue Rugby Design!

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Daisy loves wearing her Thundershirt and it sure helps calm and soothe her when she gets overly excited or anxious…I just wish they’d had this cute Pink Rugby Design when we bought hers! Be the first dog on the block to sport this cool-looking new design in Blue or Pink, available for $44.95 with Free Shipping at Amazon.

I love that the Thundershirt works immediately, and is a drug free treatment we can use only when we need it. We usually put it on her if we take her out to eat, like in this picture of her hanging out with us at our local sports bar. People always stop to see and pet her and sometimes it stresses her out. I can’t wait to get the new design…so cute!
Daisy out to lunch in her Thundershirt