Nutrisystem Update Week 23: Pizza and Tacos for Breakfast!

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The hubby and I just finished week 23 on the  Nutrisystem weight loss program and are back with another update. We’re still loving it and are both doing great but even the best plan can get a little bit humdrum if you don’t change things up now and then!


I’m such a fan of pizza and tacos that I could eat it either one every night and never get tired of it, but this week I switched some meal options around just for fun and had the Nutrisystem Margherita Pizza for breakfast one day and their Chicken Tacos another morning. I saved my usual morning protein shake for later in the day, and had the breakfast burrito for dinner one night and waffles with blueberries another night. Tonight I’ll be having a garden omelette and salad for dinner in case anyone was wondering.


It sounds silly, but just making the small change of swapping breakfasts with dinner foods feels like a real splurge even though the total intake for the day is still the same as always! That’s one of the great things about Nutrisystem…you get the guidelines, meals, tools and support you need but it’s still YOUR program and you can eat the food however and whenever you want.

I didn’t actually lose any weight this week, but I didn’t gain any either, so I’m still at 31 lbs lost and 13 more to go. The hubs lost another .2 pounds, bring him to a total of 54 pounds lost and only 6 away from his goal weight! We’re headed for Easter and a week with family visiting so it’s going to be hard work staying on track. Trying not to stress, since even one “bad” week hasn’t set us back too much in the past!

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Nutrisystem Update Week 21: Big Milestones Accomplished!

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week 21 weight loss

The hubby and I are super excited about this week’s Nutrisystem update, because we get to share some BIG news with you all! We’ve each reached another major milestone in our weight loss journey…he’s hit the 50 pound mark, and I’ve reached 30! That’s a LOT of LBS lost…but still some to go so we’re staying focused.

In addition to enjoying our success so far, we’re also enjoying a few new menu items this month. It’s important to change things up a bit to keep it interesting, even though I have my favorites and he has his. This month our order included Margherita Pizza, Loaded Baked Potatoes, Risotto and lots more yummy good food we hadn’t tried before.

new meals

So far, I’ve lost 30.4 pounds with 13.6 more to go to reach my goal, and hubby has lost 51.8 lbs with only 8.2 more to lose!

We’d love to hear from you about your own weight loss experiences, challenges and goals, so leave a comment and let us know you stopped by. We’re also happy to answer questions, so ask away!
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Nutrisystem Update Week 14: Getting More Veggies with Green Smoothies! #NSNation

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green smoothie for weight loss

Happy to report that the hubby and I had another great week on our  Nutrisystem program! We love that our meals are already prepared and portion controlled but one thing we sometimes struggle with is how to get enough veggies every day. In one of my earlier updates I wrote about 4 yummy ways to eat your veggies, and we still use those, but I find that it’s good to change things up a bit and am trying to build more variety into our eating routine.

I’d been interested in making my own green smoothies for quite some time, and finally got myself organized to get started. Turns out it’s super easy and fits well with the Nutrisystem guidelines. The only thing to watch out for is the higher calorie and higher sugar ingredients that some recipes call for. My strategy is to include 2-3 servings of vegetables and 1 SmartCarb per smoothie. There’s lots of room for experimentation, and you can use ALL the veggies you want, but if you use multiple types of fruits in one smoothie, remember to still stick to the guidelines. For example 1 SmartCarb could be 1/2 an orange plus 1/2 an apple. Or 1/3 an orange plus 1/3 an apple and 1/3 cup of berries.

It’s fun to experiment and I’ll share the recipe for one of my favorites so far. I like making it as my afternoon snack but you could juggle things around a bit and have it earlier or later in the day depending on how you like to use your SmartCarbs and Extras.

I like using the NutriBullet Blender and here’s what’s in this green smoothie:

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Nutrisystem Update Week 12: Welcoming 2013 and Putting the Holidays Behind Us! #NSNation

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weighing in after the holidays

Happy New Year everyone! Hard to believe we are already 5 days into 2013! It’s always a bit of a let-down as the holiday season comes to a close, and things start to get back to normal. Before Daisy’s papa and I start putting away all the Christmas decorations and cleaning up around here, I just wanted to bring you a very quick  Nutrisystem update on how we did this week.

In addition to New Year’s Eve and a day watching Bowl Games on New Year’s Day, we also celebrated the hubby’s birthday this week…so it was a FUN but challenging week! I got a little carried away with the bubbly and we both overdid it with splurging on Chinese food and a few other favorites. Although we managed to hold it together pretty well, I’ll admit that I’m relieved to be putting the holidays behind us so we can really get back to the business of eating healthy, getting fit and losing weight!

This week was the first time that I’ve actually gained weight, putting on 0.6 lbs while Woof Woof Papa managed to lose 0.6 lbs! If you’ve been keeping up with our updates, you already know that he gained 4.1 over Christmas and I barely lost any that week (-0.2) so it’s good to get focused and back on track quickly after a couple weeks of no-progress. As I mentioned last week, I think it’s super helpful that we already have our plan in place and know that it works, and our New Year’s resolution is simply to “Stick to the plan!”

So far, I’ve lost 20.4 and the hubby has lost 36.8. We’re still feeling pretty good about that, even though we still have a ways to go to meet our goal weights. Here’s the breakdown in case you missed any weeks:
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Nutrisystem Update Week 11: Wishing Everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year! #NSNation

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New Year's diet resolution

In a couple of days, it will be January. A time for new beginnings…a time to make the changes we’ve all been meaning to make or wishing would happen. The hubby and I have an advantage this year – we got a great head start on changing our eating habits and weight since we joined Nutrisystem in October.

Lots of people asked us WHAT we were thinking beginning a weight loss program at the start of what I like to call “the holiday eating season” which runs from Halloween through New Year’s Day. Looking back, I’m so glad we did! Like most people, I usually kick off the New Year with the same old resolution to “lose weight” without a really good plan of how I’m going to do it. Within a few weeks, I’ve usually broken my resolution and gone back to my old ways. Sound familiar?

This year I already have a plan, and it’s working! When I ring in 2013, I’ll be reflecting on my weight loss accomplishments so far, and looking forward to keep the momentum going! So MY resolution for 2013 is simple: Stick To The Plan. I’ll also make some new resolutions for myself for the coming year: Workout More and Be More Organized are the two main ones that come to mind. Sound familiar, too???

I’ll admit that I don’t yet have a plan for those resolutions, so let me know if you’ve found one that works!

Our New Year’s Wish for you? A Happy and Healthy New Year!

Not that I’m an expert, but based on what I’ve learned so far, here are a few words of advice to help get you started if you’re planning a weight loss resolution for 2013:

  • Find a plan you like that’s easy to follow: We’ve all started crazy or extreme diets that are either overly complicated or too strict to follow for more than a few days or weeks. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Do what looks and sounds realistic for your schedule, family situation and lifestyle.
  • Don’t expect it to happen overnight: Healthy weight loss takes time. Don’t give up because you aren’t seeing immediate results. Some weeks we lose close to nothing or even gain a little. If you stick with it, it WILL add up. You can see our year-end update below for proof!
  • Don’t go it alone: It will be so much easier to stick to a plan or program if you have a partner or get your family involved. If that’s not possible, look for online support or find a virtual weight-loss partner. Programs like Nutrisystem offer forums, discussion boards, blogs and other means of networking, advice and support.
  • Commit to staying accountable: Whether you blog, keep a journal, report in weekly to a real-life or virtual weight loss buddy, or use an online tracking app, DO keep to a schedule of recording your progress. It will help you to stay motivated to see how far you’ve come when you look back on it, and it will help keep you make better choices since you know you are going to have to record or report what you ate (and how much you did or didn’t work out).

And speaking of staying accountable, here’s our weekly weight loss update! I’ve also included a year-end breakdown so you can see how we did each week:

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