Nutrisystem Update Week 14: Getting More Veggies with Green Smoothies! #NSNation

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green smoothie for weight loss

Happy to report that the hubby and I had another great week on our  Nutrisystem program! We love that our meals are already prepared and portion controlled but one thing we sometimes struggle with is how to get enough veggies every day. In one of my earlier updates I wrote about 4 yummy ways to eat your veggies, and we still use those, but I find that it’s good to change things up a bit and am trying to build more variety into our eating routine.

I’d been interested in making my own green smoothies for quite some time, and finally got myself organized to get started. Turns out it’s super easy and fits well with the Nutrisystem guidelines. The only thing to watch out for is the higher calorie and higher sugar ingredients that some recipes call for. My strategy is to include 2-3 servings of vegetables and 1 SmartCarb per smoothie. There’s lots of room for experimentation, and you can use ALL the veggies you want, but if you use multiple types of fruits in one smoothie, remember to still stick to the guidelines. For example 1 SmartCarb could be 1/2 an orange plus 1/2 an apple. Or 1/3 an orange plus 1/3 an apple and 1/3 cup of berries.

It’s fun to experiment and I’ll share the recipe for one of my favorites so far. I like making it as my afternoon snack but you could juggle things around a bit and have it earlier or later in the day depending on how you like to use your SmartCarbs and Extras.

I like using the NutriBullet Blender and here’s what’s in this green smoothie:

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Nutrisystem Week 3 Update Plus 4 Yummy Ways to Eat Your Veggies! #NSNation

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Woof Woof Papa and I just completed Week 3 on Nutrisystem and even managed to stay on track during Halloween. Honestly, I’m not a candy person anyway so the yummy desserts that come with the Nutrisystem program are more than enough to satisfy my sweet tooth…and hubby used super-human will power along with lots of air popped popcorn to keep from derailing his amazing progress!

I’m so proud of him and if you want to see how much we lost, just skip ahead to the end. I thought I share some tips and ideas that we’ve been using to make sure we get all the veggies we are supposed to be eating as grocery add-ins on the program. I’ve actually found this to be more challenging than I expected and drinking V8 Juice is one solution, but we’ve come up with 4 favorites to share with you:

arugula salad on pizza
Arugula Salad on Pizza: You can use any type of salad greens you like, but I’m a big fan of arugala, and it holds up really well on a warm dish. I LOVE the tastes and textures of salad and pizza together but my hubby keeps his separate. Usually I just dump it all over the pizza but I pushed it to the side so you can see! Nutrisystem pizzas are delish, too! My dressing is red wine vinegar with a tiny bit of olive oil and fresh ground black pepper.

veggies with hummus
Raw Veggies with Hummus: Use your favorite veggies; we like carrots, celery and cukes or zucchini if we’ve got it. Have as many as you’d like since vegetables are unlimited, but stick to 1/4 Cup of hummus since that equals 1 SmartCarb! This is one of our favorite snacks to eat while watching tv…especially football games. You can add a little hot sauce to the hummus to give it a kick if you miss your buffalo wings!

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