Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue + How YOU Can Help!

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Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue


July 23rd has been designated as a special day for bloggers to unite in support of dog rescue! Whether you are a blogger or a reader, there are so many ways each of us can help this important cause…even something as simple as pledging not to shop at any store that sells puppies. Sadly, many people still don’t know that most Pet Store Puppies come from large-scale commercial breeding operations commonly known as Puppy Mills.  Millions of dogs are euthanized each year because not enough people are adopting dogs through local rescue groups and shelters. Instead, many people purchase from pet stores not knowing that most come from puppy mills.

Operators of puppy mills breed dogs in unsanitary, overcrowded and often cruel conditions where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs. ASPCA is raising awareness and helping to put a stop to this with their “No Pet Store Puppies” Campaign. In addition to the No Pet Store Puppies Facebook Page, ASPCA has also rolled out a series of YouTube Videos to inform the public and YOU can help spread the word, too!

Take the Pledge: Support ASPCA No Pet Store Puppies Campaign!

Take the Pledge and help fight puppy mill cruelty by refusing to shop at pet stores and on websites that sell puppies.

I pledge that if a pet store sells puppies, I won’t buy anything there. Not pet food, kitty litter, or squeaky toys — Nothing! And I pledge to tell everyone I know not to shop there either!

Wondering where to get a dog or puppy?  

If you’re looking to make a puppy part of your family, make adoption your first option and find a dog at your local shelter. Not only will you be saving a life, but you will ensure that your money is not going to support a puppy mill. Shelters across the country have dogs and puppies for adoption that need loving homes.

If you’re committed to a specific breed of dog and can’t find what you’re looking for at your local shelter, contact a rescue group for that breed. You’ll be surprised at the number of breed-specific rescue groups out there!

Here are even more ways you can help make a difference:
  • Blog about a Dog Rescue related topic today, July 23rd, 2012
  • Add one of the badges here to your blog and help spread the word
  • Want to learn more about pet adoption? Visit The Shelter Pet Project!
  • Donate food, supplies or money to a local dog rescue organization
  • Foster a dog
  • Volunteer at a local shelter or rescue organization
  • Share this post across all forms of social media and encourage others to help in any way they are able!

 The Shelter Pet Project


  1. Great list of ways to help!

    I was unaware of the “no more puppy mill” pledge. I’m glad that it exists.

  2. Thanks for sharing ways of combating puppy mills and for directing people to shelters or breed rescues instead of purchasing. 🙂

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