Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2: Stream Great Sounding Wireless Audio from Your Favorite App and Device

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 to facilitate my revew.

Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2

Daisy and I have been busy testing out the cool new Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2. It’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker packed with features but super easy to use with just about any device you own, whether it’s Apple, Android or Windows. It comes with a simple setup guide about the size of a large postcard but I didn’t even need it. I took our new speaker straight out of the box, plugged in the power cord, and paired it immediately with my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. It was as easy as using a Bluetooth hands-free device and in less than 3 minutes we had rich sounding audio…no cables or docking required!

The first thing I did was experiment with switching between all my favorite music apps as well as test out how easy it would be to switch between devices. On my phone, I usually use Pandora so we played around with that one first.  Since the Soundfreaq is wireless, and designed to work with just about any phone, tablet or PC out there, your smartphone or other Bluetooth device becomes the remote control. I love this because we’ve already got way too many remote controls to keep up with! And not having to dock my device on the system itself means I always have my phone with me. I can be working in the kitchen and still be totally in control of the music selection and sound level playing in the other room.

controlling the speaker from the kitchen

It works just as well with my iPad which is great because that’s my favorite way to access my iTunes library and also to watch movies on Netflix. And it’s also got an FM radio with fantastic reception…even better sounding than the satellite radio we used to have!

ipad and radio

Since docking is not required, there are no compatibility issues. I love this because I think we’re all pretty sick of getting a great new device only to discover that our current accessories are now outdated and need to be replaced. If you do happen to have an older device that isn’t Bluetooth compatible, there is an AUX IN jack to connect any device with headphone or line out jack.

There’s also a nicely designed Universal Device Tray that slides out to hold a phone or table while streaming or for charging your device. You can use the USB power cord that comes with your device to connect it and there’s a neat little cable clip to keep everything tidy. I used the tray to watch a YouTube video on my phone, but you could also use it to watch a movie or music video while charging up at the same time. The sound quality is great and you’ve still got the freedom to pick up and go with your device or move the speaker wherever you want it!

youtube video

I’m also a fan of Spotify and use that on my Windows 8 laptop computer while working. I hadn’t actually used the Bluetooth feature on my new laptop before but pairing it with the Soundfreaq was just as fast and simple as on my Android phone and iPad. Just click the Bluetooth icon from the task bar and it detects and pairs. The sound can be controlled using the device streaming the audio or using the buttons on the speaker itself. There’s also a Soundfreaq Remote Control app for Android and Apple but I didn’t find I needed them.

Apps I’ve used with Soundfreaq so far:

  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Cloud Player
  • Audible

I received one speaker from Soundfreaq but a very cool feature of the Sound Platform 2 system is that you can pair two wireless speakers to play together as one speaker system with left and right audio split between each for true stereo separation. I’m finding one speaker to be perfect for the spaces we’ll be using it, and the sound quality is amazing on its own, but it’s awesome to have this option.

The Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 retails for $149.99 each or save $50 when you buy a pair for $249.98. Learn more at


  1. Hey! My dog’s name is Daisy too! Your pup is such a cutie! I am so glad she could help with the review. This looks like an awesome product, so handy and universal. Very cool! Thanks!

  2. We have this sound platform and absolutely love it. So easy to use and utilize in our everyday life. 

  3. We LOVE Soundfreaq in our house, especially the teenagers!

  4. Oh that would be amazing to have, especially on those rare days when I get inspired to clean the house, lol. 

  5. the dog is very cute,thanks for your shared

  6. Very cool device! I have to get on top of bluetooth and streaming music I am a wee bit behind in that technology. Great pictures you captured the story perfectly! 

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