Would You Spend $140 On This Interactive Gaming Device for Dogs?

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As an extremely devoted dog mom, there are a LOT of things I will happily spend my money on for Daisy, but today I spotted something that made me do a double-take.

It’s this Wickedbone Interactive Smart Toy for Dogs. The list price is $160 but you can get it on Amazon for $139.99 w/ free shipping.

Now I’m a big fan of electronic gadgets. I LOVE my Roomba, have a Kuvings Cold Press Slow Juicer I use daily, rely on a pet camera like this one, and dare anyone to try and take away my Instant Pot!

That said, I’m just not sure how I feel about spending $140 on an electronic dog toy. First, I know how hard most dogs are on their toys. Would it even hold up? And I know that Daisy often loses interest in a new toy after a few days. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball I’m looking at you!

Here’s the description from the manufacturer:

Dogs love bones, but conventional bones are overrated. They quickly evaporate in a dog’s mouth, and they often cause gastric problems and one big mess, without offering any interaction or playing opportunities. Now meet Wickedbone, a bone-shaped interactive gaming device that performs like a truly smart, fun and excitingly wicked companion of your dog.

The Wickedbone is fully interactive. It can react to different actions of your dog with built-in emotional system. When your dog runs, Wickedbone runs after it; when your dog chases it, it turns around and runs away, making Wickedbone react in different and very engaging modes.

Wickedbone has been designed to be as safe, soft and strong as your dog needs it to be. Made of Polycarbonate, it feels sufficiently soft when your dog catches it. The material of the body, cover, and the tires are safe for humans and pets.

Here’s a video demonstration for the Wickedbone Smart Dog Toy:

While it does look fun and interesting, the jury is still out on this one for me. It would definitely make a cool gift idea for the dog who has everything! What do you think?

Wickedbone Smart Bone, Automatic & Interactive Toy for Dog at Amazon for $139.99

Stylish New Soundfreaq Sound Spot Bluetooth Speaker Looks As Great As It Sounds!

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I’m participating in this Holiday Tech Gift Idea project on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Spot to facilitate my review.

I’m always a bit skeptical of cute little gadgets and whether they can really deliver the goods, but when I heard Daisy & I were going to be reviewing the new Sound Spot Speaker from Soundfreaq, I could hardly WAIT for it to arrive. I already knew about the impressive quality of their products from a previous review we did and this new little beauty did NOT disappoint!

Sound Spot bamboo style

It’s the Sound Spot Bluetooth Speaker from Soundfreaq. At $70, this little wireless speak packs a big punch when it comes to both sound AND style. It’s available in a variety of fun color options so you’re sure to find one to please even the pickiest person on your holiday gift list.

colors sound spot

Great for everyone from your tweens and teens, to Mom or Dad. It’s super easy to use straight out of the box, and super portable, which I love since I listen to music everywhere! So far, I’ve paired it with my Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone, my iPad, and my Windows 8 laptop. It works well with Pandora, iTunes, Spotify and every other music app you can think of, and I’m still amazed at the sound quality and volume level coming from this little cutie! Because it’s so portable, I put it in the bathroom while I’m doing my makeup and getting ready to go out…and then move it back to the living room, bedroom or my desk or wherever I want to use it next time.

sound spot bathroom

Sound Spot is ready to bring anywhere you want, with its small size and built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. It delivers up to 7 hours of listening when fully charged, and also includes a USB power port so you can charge your phone or other device, even while Sound Spot is running on battery power. This baby is simple to charge – just plug it directly into your computer or any powered USB port for quick and easy charging. I also like to use the wall charger that came with my phone and just plug it straight into a wall outlet.

sound spot charging

I really love how well the Wood-White finish goes with our laid-back decor, but it also comes in several other modern color options that would be extremely CUTE in a teen’s room or college dorm. And you can get it in Black, which would be great for an office or Dad’s workshop…you can never go wrong with Black since it goes with everything!

sound spot black

Looking for a great gift idea that sounds as beautiful as it looks? Then you’ll want to check out the new Sound Freaq Sound Spot Speaker! Visit Soundfreaq.com to learn more.

Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2: Stream Great Sounding Wireless Audio from Your Favorite App and Device

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 to facilitate my revew.

Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2

Daisy and I have been busy testing out the cool new Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2. It’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker packed with features but super easy to use with just about any device you own, whether it’s Apple, Android or Windows. It comes with a simple setup guide about the size of a large postcard but I didn’t even need it. I took our new speaker straight out of the box, plugged in the power cord, and paired it immediately with my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. It was as easy as using a Bluetooth hands-free device and in less than 3 minutes we had rich sounding audio…no cables or docking required!

The first thing I did was experiment with switching between all my favorite music apps as well as test out how easy it would be to switch between devices. On my phone, I usually use Pandora so we played around with that one first.  Since the Soundfreaq is wireless, and designed to work with just about any phone, tablet or PC out there, your smartphone or other Bluetooth device becomes the remote control. I love this because we’ve already got way too many remote controls to keep up with! And not having to dock my device on the system itself means I always have my phone with me. I can be working in the kitchen and still be totally in control of the music selection and sound level playing in the other room.

controlling the speaker from the kitchen

It works just as well with my iPad which is great because that’s my favorite way to access my iTunes library and also to watch movies on Netflix. And it’s also got an FM radio with fantastic reception…even better sounding than the satellite radio we used to have!

ipad and radio

Since docking is not required, there are no compatibility issues. I love this because I think we’re all pretty sick of getting a great new device only to discover that our current accessories are now outdated and need to be replaced. If you do happen to have an older device that isn’t Bluetooth compatible, there is an AUX IN jack to connect any device with headphone or line out jack.

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