Frozen Brown Rice Crunchies – Ridiculously Easy Dog Treat Recipe!

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frozen brown rice treats for Dogs, dog treat recipe

Here’s a fun and ridiculously easy frozen dog treat you can make at home using leftover rice! It’s SO easy, it’s not even really a recipe…more of a how-to! Use any type of plain rice but do NOT add any seasoning, oil or butter when you steam or boil it. We like brown rice so I always cook a bit extra to have leftovers for Daisy. These frozen rice treats have a nice crunch that dogs love, and are a healthy, inexpensive treat. They are FUN to make, so let your kiddos help!

organic brown rice

Cook plain brown or white rice according to directions on package. No seasoning or oils. Just rice.

cooked brown rice

Fluff the rice and allow it to cool. Or finish preparing your dinner and set some aside for later.

brown rice in ziploc bag

Place the cooled plain rice in a freezer bag. You can mix in a little sodium-free chicken broth or a bit of mashed up banana if you want to make flavored crunchies, but it’s not necessary to add anything. Smoosh the rice into one flat layer and squeeze out the air, then zip. Make sure it’s all smooshed together and well flattened…otherwise you just end up with a bag of frozen rice. Tastes the same, but not as fun.

rice in the freezer

Stick the flattened bag of rice in the freezer and leave it for several hours or overnight.

bag of frozen rice treats

Once the sheet of rice has frozen solid, break it up into pieces (similar to making peanut brittle). Store treats in the freezer and use them as a simple, healthy snack for your dog anytime. Enjoy!

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Freezy Pups Frozen Dog Treats

Heading into the dog days of summer, these Freezy Pups treats are a hydrating and tasty frozen organic treat for dogs! Hopefully you had the chance to read our recent Freezy Pups Product Review and see how easy they are to make at home.

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Treat your dog to fun, hydrating, and easy to make-at-home frozen treats from Freezy Pets. The starter kit includes a freezer tray to make bone shaped frozen dog treats, and packs of four gourmet recipes your dog will love! The treat mix is organic, made in the USA and the tray is made from non toxic, food grade, recyclable material! You can see how easy they are to make, and how much Daisy loved them in our recent Freezy Pups Product Review post.

Freezy Pups Kit Giveaway

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Freezy Pups Frozen Dog Treat Kit {Product Review}

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Freezy Pups Kit Product Review

Just in time for the dog days of summer, we got the chance to try out Freezy Pups,  a make-at-home kit of organic, frozen dog treats. Freezy Pups come in 4 flavors: Chicken Soup Recipe, White Cheddar Cheese, Juicy Apple and Sweet Potato ‘n Maple. Not only are the super fun and easy to make, but they are also less than 4 calories each. These cool treats are free from wheat, corn, soy and gluten, and contain NO artificial colors or flavors.

Freezy Pups Kit

The Freezy Pups Kit is $19.99 and comes with a Freezy Pups Tray and 4 packs of organic treat mix (one in each flavor; each pack makes one tray). The entire kit is enough to make 56 treats and refill packs are available at the Freezy Pup website for $8.99 per box (makes 70 treats). The first step is to mix a packet with 7 oz. of hot water. If you don’t have a measuring cup that shows ounces, it works out to 7/8 of a Cup. Then just stir.

mixing Freezy Pups

After mixing, you pour the liquid into the Freezy Pup Tray (I found it easiest to use my Pyrex measuring cup for the whole thing since I could measure, mix and pour from the same container).

pouring into Freezy Pups tray

Then it’s ready to go into the freezer. Our first batch was the Sweet Potato ‘n Maple, in case you were wondering! We did this in the evening so they would be ready the next day!

Freezy Pups in the freezer

After a few hours the tray of bone-shaped frozen treats is ready to go! A great tip that the makers of Freezy Pups were smart enough to print right on the package is: For easy removal of treats, let the tray rest on the counter for about 4 minutes. That sure does the trick, and they popped right out for us! Here they are up close so you can see how they come out:

frozen dog treats

In addition to LOVING the treats in their frozen form, Daisy also enjoys when I melt 1 or 2 and mix it with her dry kibble like gravy! She loves all 4 flavor, and I like the fact that they are made with organic, natural ingredients!  These are some of the COOLEST treats we’ve tried and are officially Daisy Tested and Approved!

Daisy freezy pups treats

Be sure to stay tuned because we’ll be hosting a Freezy Pups Giveaway in the very near future and one lucky reader will win their very own Freezy Pups Kit with everything you need to make yummy frozen treats for YOUR dog! Can’t wait to win it? Visit the Freezy Pups website here to order online or search for a sales location near you!

Disclosure: We were provided with a Freezy Pup Kit so that we test it out and tell you what we think. All opinions are 100% mine and Daisy’s!