T3 Source Handheld Shower Filter for Healthier Hair, Skin and Fur!

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t3 shower filter

Did you know that regular household tap water can contain half as much chlorine as a swimming pool? And that chlorine can cause dry and damaged hair and skin? I didn’t either until we were invited to try the T3 Source Source Shower Filter.

Not only does the T3 filter out up to 95% of chlorine but it also helps remove other irritants including Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron Oxide, dirt and other sediment, for healthier hair and skin. The T3 Tourmaline technology produces negative ions reduce water cluster size which improves filtration as well as help to PH balance the water.

You might think this only affects the people in your house, but if your pets have itchy skin or shed more than normal, poor water quality and too much chlorine could be a factor!

installing shower

I was super excited to install the new shower filter as soon as it arrived but had to wait for Woof Woof Papa to come home and help so that I could get some photos of the installation process. Trust me, now that I’ve seen him do it, you don’t need to add it to the “honey-do list” or wait for anyone to help you. If you’ve got an adjustable wrench, you can do it yourself in about 5 minutes. Everything else you need is in the box!

t3 shower filter

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$10 Off + Free Shipping on Booster Bath Elevated Dog Tubs & Tropic Shower for Home Use!

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10 dollars off Booster Bath

There’s a new coupon code for Booster Bath, the elevated dog grooming tub and accessories for home use. I love the idea of their products, which can be used in the garage, basement, backyard, laundry room or just about anywhere you like to wash your dog. Designed with both you AND your dog in mind, the Booster Bath elevates, contains and drains. You stay dry, your back stays healthy and your dog is safe and comfy with the 3 point leash restraint system in the specially constructed tub meant for indoor and outdoor use. An added bonus: it pays for itself in as little as 10 washes at your local dogwash or groomer!

Items at BoosterBath.com ship for free and right now you can save even more by using the Coupon Code BBX10 for $10 Off your purchase at BoosterBath. In addition to various sizes and styles of dog tubs for home use, you can keep your dog warm this winter with the Tropic Shower, designed to provide good water pressure and temperature control by hooking up to your washing machine valves. You simply attach your own garden hose!
use your washing machine valve for warm water and good pressure dog wash