Nebo Ball Dog Toys On Sale: Choose a Color to Support a Cause! {Ends at Midnight!}

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neboball dog toy deal at doggyloot


You might remember seeing Daisy with her Nebo Balls in several recent posts during the K9 Kamp Fitness Challenge. Now you can snag a deal and get your own set for your pup and help support the cause of your choice! Doggyloot has them on sale from $12 for a pair including free shipping ($20 reg.), but if you haven’t ordered from them before you can Join Doggyloot here and get $5 Free to spend on your first pet deal! That makes YOUR deal only $7 shipped!

Daisy with her Nebo Balls

In addition to being ULTRA durable and nice smelling (vanilla-scented) these fun, bouncy Nebo Balls can hold and dispense treats! 20% of each sale goes to support charity. You “Chews Your Cause” based on which color you buy: Pink = Breast Cancer, Green = Save the Planet, Orange = Fight Diabetes, and Blue = Saving Animals!

Daisy Tested and Approved Pet Products ‘As Seen In’ K9 Kamp Week Two!

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Daisy indoor chuckit

The theme for Week Two of K9 Kamp Fitness Challenge was Play with Your Balls! You can read about how Daisy and I did in our blog post here! In case you were wondering about any of the pet products we used for the challenge, here’s a rundown:


Chuckit! indoor launcher at Amazon Chuckit! Indoor Launcher $12.99 ($14.99 list price). We LOVE the Chuckit! and in addition to the traditional outdoor ball launcher toy, we also have the indoor play set including launcher and soft toys, safe for indoor fun on rainy days. Price shown is Amazon, and item is eligible for Free Shipping. You can also find the Chuckit! Indoor Roller and Chuckit! Indoor Ballto go with the launcher.

Chuckit! Indoor Play Set at Amazon

Nebo Ball Dog Toys  from $5.96 depending on color and size. It’s available in small and large, and is eligible for Free Shipping at Amazon. In addition to being ULTRA durable and nice smelling (vanilla-scented) these fun bouncy balls can hold and dispense treats! 20% of each sale goes to support charity. You “Chews Your Cause” based on which color you buy: Pink = Breast  Cancer, Green =  Save the Planet, Orange = Fight Diabetes, and Blue = Saving Animals!
KONG air dog tennis ball dog toy


KONG Air Dog Squeaker Tennis Balls from $3.80 for a 3-pack depending on size. These are available in x-small thru medium and are Free Shipping eligible at Amazon. We like these because the last longer than regular tennis balls, have less fuzz for Daisy to eat, and they squeak! Daisy is thrifty like her mama and will troll the tennis courts looking for free tennis balls, but I like to keep these on hand for special play and when we run out of the free ones! They’re just more fun!!!


P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle And You Rectangular Bed – Serengeti $80-$170 depending on size and style at with Free Shipping! We were lucky enough to score one of these amazing pet beds during a previous Pet Sale but they are currently on sale at in all kinds of designer patterns and styles! We love this bed because it has a removable duvet cover for easy cleaning and a quick change of style if we want!


We usually find that Amazon has the lowest prices and Free Super Saver Shipping, but is very competitive and one of our favorites, too! You can check out the current pet deals and promo codes here,  and be sure to also  signup for DoggyLoot since they have Flash Sales and amazing Daily Deals on Pet Supplies and you’re bound to snag a great deal there if you are patient! We also like to check  the clearance bin at our local pet store when we pick up Daisy’s food…you never know what gems will find their way in there!

K9 Kamp Week 2 Highlights: We’re on the Ball…Kinda!

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Daisy as a Puppy with Basketball

The challenge for Week #2 of K9 Kamp was Play with Your Balls! Daisy has been a fan of playing ball since she was a puppy  and discovered her papa’s basketball but despite our best intentions, the heat and tropical rains got the better of us most days this week so we had to get creative with our challenge activities. We didn’t do nearly as much as we would have liked but we did what we could and had a good time!

Tennis Anyone?

tennis court gate

We don’t have a yard for off leash play, and the dog park was pretty swampy most of the week except for the day Daisy had a play date with her boyfriend Fin and they both just laid in the shade because it was too hot! So, we decided to sneak in to the tennis court while no one was looking.

Daisy Tennis

Daisy and I took advantage of the space to run around and chase the ball and each other, and I bounced it -sometimes over the net and sometimes just short – so that she was constantly guessing which way to go to try to catch it!

Walking Kick Ball:

Daisy Pink Nebo Ball

We play this game a lot on our regular walks. Daisy will find a coconut or old water bottle or something else that rolls and I kick it along ahead of us while trying to speed walk fast enough to catch up to it before it rolls away. A couple times I almost kicked Daisy in the head so watch out! Usually, Daisy carries the object in her mouth for a bit while we keep walking and then I give the “Drop” command and she does (most of the time). Here’s Daisy with one of her favorite balls during our game.

Daisy carrying her nebo ball


Indoor Chuckit! Game:

Daisy indoor chuckit

Since we live in Florida and have a LONG rainy season, we invested in the Chuckit! Indoor Play Set and use it frequently! The Chuckit! is a ball launcher handle thing that is designed to grab and fling the ball so it cuts down on bending and touching the slobbery ball and the indoor version is made of soft material so it doesn’t break stuff when you throw it.

Daisy Chuckit Fetch

We play indoor fetch with this a lot! This is super fun and a great workout for Daisy but not so much for me, so I added a little cardio for myself by running to hide somewhere as soon as Daisy ran to chase the ball. There are only like 3 really good hiding places so she figured it out kind of quickly but it got me up from my desk and moving around a bit more than usual which I need to do more of throughout the day!

So, those are the highlights from our week! How did you do with Week #2 of K9 Kamp Fitness Challenge? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know! Check in on the other featured pet bloggers and add your post to the blog hop,  too!

Half Off Dura Doggie Nebo Dog Toys and More Pet Deals at!

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coupaw pet deals site

Have you signed up yet for the daily pet deals site? Daisy loves to shop so much that it’s a good thing she hasn’t learned how to use the internet (yet)! I get the Coupaws daily email subscription so I can keep an eye out for cool stuff and deep discounts to share with you and today I spotted on for 50% Off dog toys from Dura Doggie. Since these are Daisy tested and approved I wanted to make sure you saw it too! Daisy loves these Vanilla Scented (yes, they smell yummy) and bouncy ball toys, especially if I put treats in them.  You can check out a recent photo of Daisy with 2 of her favorite Nebo Balls from Dura Doggie in this post I did about Why We Are Joining K9 Kamp Fitness Challenge.

Dura Doggie Dog Toys half off at Coupaw

I love that they are Made in the USA with recyclable materials and that when you make a purchase from Dura Doggie, they donate 20% of profits towards one of four charitable causes: fighting breast cancer, saving animals, saving the planet, or fighting diabetes. YOU choose the charity based on the colors you buy…very cool idea!

There are also several other pawtastic deals for dogs listed over at and lots more to come, I’m sure! Head on over and signup for free email alerts and exclusive offers and the good folks over at Coupaw will keep you in the loop with special offers and frequent giveaways, too!