These New Books Are TOO CUTE! Animal Planet’s Too Cute Puppies & Kittens

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too cute puppies and kittens books

Warning: These books contain material that is just TOO cute! Reader discretion is advised.

Are you a fan of the Animal Planet TV series, Too Cute? We are! Woof Woof Papa and I love watching it whenever we can catch it and get so carried away cooing and ooohing and aahing over the ridiculous and adorable antics of the new puppies and kitties each week that Daisy often starts hunting around trying to figure out the cause of such a fuss! She hasn’t figured out how to watch TV yet so she doesn’t know what she’s missing. You can probably guess how excited I was to receive early review copies of the new books based on the series, and as you can see, Daisy couldn’t wait to get her paws on them either!

Daisy, reading Animal Planet Too Cute Puppies book

Whether you’ve caught the show or not, you won’t want to miss these super CUTE new hardcover books Animal Planet’s TOO CUTE PUPPIES and TOO CUTE KITTENS (Harlequin Nonfiction; on sale Oct 29). They are perfect for keeping on the nightstand or coffee table as a quick pick me up when you are feeling the Monday blues or just need an extra smile. It’s like an instant hug! They are also a great gift idea for pet lovers of any age and would make an ideal stocking stuffer, teacher gift or thoughtful way of thanking your dog groomer, favorite vet tech or other human in your fur kid’s life.

Both books are also great for reading aloud together with younger children, since there are photos with entertaining captions, facts and anecdotes on each page. Early readers and older kiddos will love the books too!

These impossibly adorable books are just right for anyone who needs a little—or a lot—of extra cuteness in their life! Both Too Cute Puppies and Too Cute Kittens are available at Amazon and your local bookstore.

Crate Training + 7 More FREE Kindle Books About Dogs, Training & Pet Care

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If you’re like Daisy & me, you probably can’t get enough of the awesome free Kindle books available these days. Finding out when there are new ones to download can be a chore, so we’ve done the leg work for you and are back with another great roundup list of the top FREE Kindle Books about pets and animals! The great thing about the Free Kindle Books is that once you add them to your reading library, they are yours to keep and read anytime, even after they return to regular price. And,you can read Kindle Books on just about any SmartPhone, Tablet, PC or device…you don’t even need to own a Kindle!

8 free kindle pet books

If you haven’t already done so you can download the free Kindle Reading App for your iPad, Windows PC, Android phone or just about any other device. Remember that prices change quickly and frequently at Amazon, so be sure to verify that the price is still $0.00 before completing your transaction.

8 Free Kindle Books About Dogs, Training & Pet Care

Arctic Freeze Ball Fun for Dogs & Perfect Teething Toy for Puppies!

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arctic freeze ball for dogs

Here’s a COOL way to entertain your dog. The brand-new Arctic Freeze Ball is filled with 100% purified water and designed to chill in the freezer. Fun for dogs to chew and play. They’re also perfect for teething puppies, and double as a treat-holder for extra entertainment.

Right now you can snag one for only $10 including free shipping ($18 reg) at If you haven’t already joined, signup here and get a FREE $5 credit to spend on your first order. That makes your cost only $5 shipped when the credit is automatically applied to your first order at checkout!

No Pet Store Puppies! #MeetMolly & Help End Puppy Mills

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Help end puppy mills

Today is “No Pet Store Puppies Day,” and we’re spread the word about the ASPCA’s campaign to put an end to puppy mills. If you’re looking for an opportunity to get involved, we know someone looking for help—meet Molly!

Molly, along with her faithful pup, Joey, is out to teach the world all about puppy mills and why you shouldn’t shop at pet stores that sell puppies.


Molly and Joey want to make sure their message reaches as many people as possible, so please share their video with the hashtag #MeetMolly after you’ve watched it!

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Pet Owner or Pet Parent? Fur Kids Are Family, Too!

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 places we go with our dog Daisy

People with dogs usually fall into one of two categories: there are those who think of themselves as a “pet owner” and then there are those of us who consider our fur kid as a part of the family. As pet parents, we take Daisy into consideration with just about every decision we make. Where we live, what we do on the weekends, where to go on vacation, and even what car to take when we all go somewhere together.  And we go LOTS of places together!

That’s why I love the new videos Subaru did as part of their “Dog tested. Dog approved.” campaign. They really celebrate and share in the canine-centric view we pet parents have of life with our fur kids.

There’s a new one I especially love called Kids, featuring Grant Weber, celebrity and Subaru Canine Sales Associate. It’s got adorable puppies, so what’s not to love!?! Check it out:

Daisy thought that one was cute but wants you to know there is NO WAY she is riding in a car seat! She’s a bit of a sports fanatic like her papa, and is a fan of dressing up in her football jersey and watching the games or tailgating with pals. If she had her way, every day would be game day and she’d pack up the car full of tailgating necessities just like these dogs!

Daisy thinks those fur kids sure have the right idea! If your dog also likes tailgating and other four-wheeled activities, be sure to stop on over at Subaru’s Facebook page where you get them their own Dog Driver’s License, Visit the Dog Matchmaker, Ask the Expert and more. Daisy and I have been playing around with their cool new apps already and they’re super fun! Next week we’ll show you some photos of Daisy taking a virtual test drive using the Subaru Facebook app so be sure to check back soon!

>Do you consider yourself to be a pet parent or is that just “crazy dog lady talk”? Leave us a comment and let us know! If you also think fur kids are family, then be sure to share this message and super cute video with your friends by using the RT button below!

This post is sponsored by Subaru. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but Daisy and I only share news for things we support and think you will enjoy!